We talked with Güven Kıraç about dystopia and utopias, starting from his third solo exhibition “Dystopia” opened at Merqez Art in Bodrum Marina Yacht Club.

Yekta Kopan, the cornerstone of our sound memory, has taken a special place on the shelves of our libraries with his books as well as accompanying our lives in those movies we love for years. On the occasion of the author's new story book, "Bana Kuşlar Söyledi," (The Birds Told Me) we had a pleasant conversation about both his stories and time.

With Utku Lomlu, the designer who is known with the changes in the covers of Can Publishing as well as many successful book cover designs, we came together at his studio opposite of Orhan Kemal Museum to have a pleasant conversation about the awards he recently received with his Classic Women Series and the design of the books.