Best Whiskey Bars in Istanbul

5 February 2024
Best Whiskey Bars in Istanbul

We visit the best whiskey bars in Istanbul with their rich menus, sophisticated ambiances and wide selections. Don’t miss these places for better experiences.


Peat&Sherry is a candidate to be the best whiskey bar not only on the Anatolian side, but perhaps in Istanbul. It is beyond expectations with 350 types of whiskey from all over the world and an ambiance that fits its concept. It is an eye-catching place, right from the entrance, with the barrels used as decoration, the wall work depicting the maturation of whiskey, the photographs on the walls, the leather armchairs and the marble bar where the bottles are generously displayed.

Regular cabinets are designed for those who frequently visit Peat&Sherry to store the bottles they drink. The venue has a whiskey library and the cocktails served are prepared with whiskey. Meanwhile, the founder of the place, Gürkan Gümüş, offers all kinds of information about the whiskeys you drink. It’s like a free whiskey education. It would be beneficial to spare some time for yourself at the venue located in Caddebostan. Because the menu is like a book.

The Bank Hotel

The best whiskey bars in the world always come from historical places because whiskey suits historical places best due to its spirit. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bank Hotel is among the best whiskey bars in Istanbul. There are two bars in the venue in Karaköy. While the Roof Bar promises much more than an ordinary hotel bar with its view of the historical peninsula, the Lobby Bar impresses with its sophisticated atmosphere. While the hotel on Bankalar Street displays Galata’s bohemian atmosphere and cultural richness from the Genoese to the Ottomans with all its generosity, it also attracts its taste-loving guests with the delicacies it offers at Serica Restaurant.

Club Boheme

Club Boheme within Soho House can easily be among the best whiskey bars in Istanbul. Because the ambiance of the building it is located in is sufficient. Palazzo Corpi, one of the first buildings of the region, was built in 1873 by Italian architect Giacomo Leoni. Designed as the residence of Ignazzio Corpi, one of the famous shipowners of the period, the building was used as the American Consulate for many years. It later became part of Soho House after an extensive restoration work. Today, a collection of 350 works is exhibited in addition to the halls decorated with frescoes and halls with high ceilings. The bar offers a sophisticated experience in itself. Inspired by the French bistro of the London branch, Club Boheme appeals to music lovers with jazz performances while enjoying your whiskey.

Nobu Istanbul

Although the world-famous Nobu is known for its high-class Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, it is one of the best whiskey bars in Istanbul with its wide selection. The venue in Süzer Plaza not only has a fascinating environment with its panoramic Bosphorus view, but also offers an exquisite experience with its iconic plates. What really satisfies whiskey lovers is the wide variety on its menu. In addition to Scotch whiskeys, there are also separate lists for bourbons and American whiskeys. And of course, Japanese whiskeys are among the must-haves at Nobu. You can taste different flavors and delight your palate with Nobu’s umami-rich plates.

16 Roofs

16 Roof within Swissotel is undoubtedly one of the best venues in Istanbul, with its award-winning cuisine as well as having one of the best views of the city. However, this time our focus is on the whiskey menu of the venue. There are separate sections for malt, bourbon and rye whiskeys. Besides, it is not just limited to Scottish whiskeys. There are also options for Tennessee, Irish and Japanese malts. There are rich 30-year-old whiskeys that receive almost full points from Whiskey Bible, one of the source books of the international whiskey world. If you want to pamper yourself, 16 Roof is the perfect place.

Bonus: Sanasaryan Khan

If you are exploring the best whiskey bars in Istanbul, you should not skip Sanasaryan Han. While the building, built in 1895, keeps the cultural heritage of the historical peninsula alive with its magnificent design, it is also a perfect shelter to escape from the crowds of the city. The bar of the hotel, where numerous works from different branches of art, from ceramics to photography, are exhibited, has also been designed to suit the whole. In this exclusive bar called The Library, you will be able to sip your whiskey comfortably while browsing through book collections from the 1800s and 1900s, specially collected from second-hand bookstores. The hotel, which has recently prepared for “The Library Talks” events, is a candidate to become the new meeting point for art lovers.