Istanbul’s Newest Places

10 November 2023
Istanbul’s Newest Places

Winter will not come to Istanbul this year. No, this is not a meteorological prediction. With new venues opening one after another, it seems like the energy in the city will never drop this year. Prepare your agenda, Istanbul’s newest venues are on our radar.

Istanbul’s Newest Places
İstanbul'un En Yeni Mekânları

Pera 77

Pera 77, one of the newest venues in Istanbul, captures the dynamic energy of the city with its location and is preparing to become one of the favorites of music lovers with its rich content program. Located on the ground floor of The Marmara Pera in Tepebaşı, Pera 77 is at the most historically and culturally rich point of Istanbul. The management of the place is in safe hands. The project, implemented with the quality of The Marmara Group, is managed by the successful musician Sıtkı Sirtanadolu, who is well known in the Turkish jazz scene. Pera 77, which opened in October, is open every day of the week, but stands out with the performances of local and foreign musicians for four days between Wednesday and Sunday. Its decoration is exactly like a jazz club. The ambiance is simply perfect, with color choices reflecting the spirit of New Orleans, velvet curtains and photographs of the masters of jazz music. The venue, which is open throughout the day, offers an a-la carte menu as well as a large breakfast buffet. The bar menu is also quite rich. Apart from its original cocktail recipes, it also attracts attention with its wide selection of wines.

Hakkasan Istanbul

Perhaps one of the most ideal places to enjoy the uniquely beautiful Bosphorus view of Istanbul; Hakkasan Istanbul. With its new branch opened in Mandarin Oriental Istanbul, it not only welcomes gastronomy enthusiasts, but also offers the opportunity to experience the historical texture of the city from the most beautiful point of the Bosphorus. Hakkasan’s journey, which was first opened in London’s nightlife center Soho in 2001 and then continued in Mayfair, then continued in Dubai. Let us remind you that Hakkasan, which has 11 restaurants worldwide today, has four Michelin-starred branches. Hakkasan, which opened in Istanbul after its success in Bodrum, its first location in Turkey, offers the unique tastes of Cantonese cuisine and appeals to those with a picky palate with its delicious cocktails. Campbell House, which designed the interior, displayed a line that pays homage to the aesthetic heritage of the Ottoman Empire. The fabrics chosen in the venue will remind local and foreign guests that they are in Istanbul. As for the cuisine… Cantonese cuisine has a special place in all world literature. Because “haute cuisine”, which is the gastronomy equivalent of the definition of “haute couture” in fashion, is used for Cantonese cuisine. The most important feature is to be able to offer natural flavors by using the freshest ingredients. Hakkasan also offers distinguished, slightly spicy flavors of Cantonese cuisine. Apart from the prominent fish plates such as lychee lobster, grilled Chilean sea bass with honey, and grilled black cod with truffle sauce, it is possible to find excellent seafood, meat and chicken options. It is certain that there is a very rich menu for vegetarians as well. However, another claim of this place is undoubtedly its cocktails. Cocktails prepared with seven-year-old rums, Japanese whiskeys and first-class vodkas are combined with natural flavors and appear before you as an original work of art. Each glass has been carefully thought through, with its different aromas and unique recipes.

Okra Istanbul

“Where is the center of Istanbul?” If asked, most people would undoubtedly say that it is Taksim. Opened on the 20th floor of The Marmara Hotel, one of the iconic buildings of Taksim, Okra puts the city under your feet with its panoramic view and takes you to the center of this ancient city. This is a place that combines an observation terrace with excellent Mediterranean cuisine. Apart from its capacity of 150 people, it has a private area for 40 people. Therefore, the ideal environment has been created for intimate groups. Moreover, if you wish, you can continue the night with the terrace bar Upperist. The most important thing that will attract your attention when you enter the place is that its design has been deliberately kept simple. It is admirable that he does not try to steal the leading role from Istanbul. The kitchen of the place, where you can watch a different point of Istanbul from each window, is entrusted to the team led by Hüseyin Ceylan and Mert Yalçıner. Although octopus tandoori, seven-spiced lamb shoulder and sand mussels stand out in the menu prepared with 100 percent local products, the undisputed star of the desserts section is the dark chocolate mousse. Even the sight of it is enough to whet your appetite. Apart from the contemporary style of the menu, which focuses on local products and open fire cooking techniques, its presentations are also quite successful. Each plate is prepared with the same care.

Zihni Nişantaşı

Zihni Bar, one of the venues that left a deep mark on Istanbul nightlife, is once again preparing to create new regulars in its place in Nişantaşı. Its location on Valikonağı Street has undoubtedly hosted thousands of local and foreign guests over the years. Nowadays, while preserving its nostalgic decoration, it is literally refreshing with modern touches. Waiting for its guests with the motto of “Good food, good music”, Zihni Nişantaşı has been prepared with the aim of providing a comfort that will make you feel at home as soon as you enter the door. The mystical atmosphere etched in memories is still the same. The place, which started its journey in the 1980s, where celebrities such as George Benson quietly drank at its bar, where Ajda Pekkan suddenly appeared on stage, and which was frequented by many names from Sezen Aksu to Meltem Cumbul, seems to be among the trendiest places once again. Moreover, the menu is here with contemporary flavors and delicious cocktails. Zihni Nişantaşı, where the creative vision of sculptor Zihni Şardağ is felt in every corner, was once the only place to stop after work, but now it seems to be one of the ideal addresses for long-term meals and enjoyable music concerts.