The Best Time to Visit Bozcaada

5 September 2023
The Best Time to Visit Bozcaada

September is the ideal time for Bozcaada with its full program, the Bozcaada Jazz Festival, which makes the hearts of jazz lovers tremble, and the vintage that wine lovers count all year.

Bozcaada is waiting for the jazz winds to blow between 8-11 September. The program of the Bozcaada Jazz Festival, which will be attended by many extraordinary musicians such as Avishai Cohen, Islandman, and Ferit Odman Quintet, is quite intense. You can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the island with a few tips we have prepared for you.

Sunset in Polente

The cliff, where the lighthouse at the westernmost tip of the island and the wind turbines leading up to it, is one of the most popular places on the island, thanks to its incredible scenery. The traffic is very busy, especially at sunset. The minibuses carry people from various parts of the island, and it is even difficult to find parking spaces for cars in the summer season. However, the autumn months are a time when the weather is soft and relatively crowded. Don’t forget to buy your sunbeds, food and drinks before coming here. There are places in the center of the island that only sell sunset packages specific to this ritual. No:8, Boboz, Krasi are just a few of them. But if you wish, you can also come with a snack basket that you have made yourself from local wineries, pizzerias and dried fruit shops.

Visiting Windmills

Thanks to the windmills restored by Bozcaada District Governorate in 2019, the island has regained its historical silhouette. Leaving the island by skipping this point is a big mistake. Do not forget to take pictures and enjoy the panoramic view in this area, which you can reach by following the stone road at the back of the Greek quarter in the center.


Although the vintage festival ended just a few days before the festival this year, the grape feast that the island offers you will continue for a while. Although Bozcaada is especially known for its Çavuş grape, there are four different grape types unique to this region. Apart from the wines prepared from Kuntra, Karalahna, Çavuş and Vasilaki, it is possible to find many different types such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot in the local vineyards of the island. You can find the most delicious examples of Turkey in these workshops, which have a 3000-year-old tradition of viticulture behind them. Although Talay, Ataol, Çamlıbağ (Yunatçılar) are the oldest ones, it is possible to see many popular brands and meet local producers that you have never heard of before while traveling around the island.

A Tradition: Cookies

It is not possible to come to Bozcaada and not eat chewing gum cookies. Cookies made by the islander Veli Dede in 1878 have been produced by the talented hands of the new generation of Göztepe family for many years. There is no way you can escape the smell of butter cookies as you walk through the center, but when you come here, be sure to try Anna Almond, Kavala cookies and pistachio coco. Apart from Veli Dede, another legendary place for dessert is Çiçek Patisserie. Apart from the cookies, you should definitely taste the Haci Tahir almond delight and the ice creams prepared with traditional methods with milk obtained from Bozcaada’s goats and cows.

Coffee Breaks

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular places on the island is Madam’s Coffee. Since 2017, it has become a well-known brand in many places with its franchise branches opened not only on the island but also all over Turkey. Its distinctive flavors such as Turkish coffee roasted with strawberries and filter coffee with orange flavor are highly appreciated. The front of the blue and white painted place is not only full of coffee lovers, but also those who want to take pictures. In addition to Madam’s Coffee, the number of third generation coffee shops on the island is increasing day by day. Coffee Break, Piu Cafe, Coffee Shelter are among the most popular places.

What to Eat on the Island?

The island restaurants, where you can find the traditional flavors of Greek and Turkish cuisine, which have been intertwined for centuries, are actually too high quality to be squeezed into the festival. However, while you’re here for the festival, it’s a good idea to go on an expedition that will cheer your palate. Tomato, black mulberry and fig jams have become the symbol of the island. In addition, herbs that are frequently used in Greek cuisine, you will come across with börek and olive oil dishes here. Even though it is less than Gökçeada, kid meat is definitely recommended in Bozcaada. Rabbit stew is counted among the flavors unique to this region. You are in an environment that can be considered a paradise for seafood lovers. The sea urchin called hedgehog on the island is usually found on local fishing boats. In addition, it is possible to find delicious delicacies such as octopus, squid and sardines on paper.