The 7 Best Hamburger Restaurants in Istanbul

19 June 2024
The 7 Best Hamburger Restaurants in Istanbul

We have discovered for you the 7 best hamburger restaurants in Istanbul, which are given high marks by their enthusiasts.

The famous hamburger scene from the cult movie “Pulp Fiction” is undoubtedly the best equivalent of this recipe in cinema. The dialogue between the characters Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield on “Royale with Cheese” reveals how the hamburger has become important in many countries. This poetic explanation of Vincent’s hamburger sizes, made by the duo while they were in Paris, takes the perception of the classic hamburger one step further.

It is certain that a hamburger bought from an ordinary fast-food restaurant satisfies many people. However, there are some that turn into a feast of taste with every bite, surprise and can be at least as impressive as in this scene. Let’s find such delicious hamburgers in restaurants of Istanbul.

The 7 Best Hamburger Restaurants In Istanbul
İstanbul'un En İyi 7 Hamburgercisi

First! Street Food Bar

Founded by Derin Arıbaş and Kaan Sakarya, one of the 7 best burger joints in Istanbul on our list, Basta! is one of the places that has proven itself in terms of burgers not only in the Kadıköy region, but also in the whole of Istanbul. Basta!, with its lamb meat prepared by cooking for long hours, special sauces and delicious bread, is too high-end for a quick snack. Come and take some time to keep this in mind. Each bite delivers the key to a new taste.

Address: Caferağa Mahallesi Sakız Sk. No:1 Kadıköy


Akali, which has nearly 10 branches in total, including Marmaris and Bodrum, is one of the most popular hamburger restaurants in Istanbul. They prepare hamburgers suitable for every hunger level with 80, 160, 240-gram options. Hamburgers, in which there are more meatball layers depending on the gram, are made from beef. Their bread is wonderful. However, one of the most popular features of this place is its delicious sauces such as avocado, truffle salsa, hot sauce, pineapple holika, eggplant romoulade. If you want your burger, you can also add additions such as eggs, extra cheese, and caramelized onions.

Address: Nispetiye Cad. Yıldızçiçek Sokak No:3 Beşiktaş


Primitive attracts its guests from the very beginning with its menu. Because whether you’re craving chicken or lamb ribs, there’s a burger to suit you. Cheeseburger or a more “cheese” burger, the choice is yours. If one day you get bored of their burgers, which seems a bit unlikely; Don’t forget that you can also find options such as kokoreç, Maquez sausage and pretzel at Primitif.

Address: Caferağa District Dr. Esat Işık Caddesi No:98 Kadıköy


Although Zula, which stands out with its homemade hamburger buns, was first opened in a small place in the back streets of Harbiye, it now has branches in Vadi Istanbul, Kanyon and Zorlu. The menu of Zula, opened by chefs Üryan Doğmuş and Cihan Kıpçak together with Erdal Arğiş, is simple but quite elegant. Everything, from the sauces on the burgers to the ketchup-mayonnaise on the tables, belongs to Zula’s kitchen team. The balance of bread, meatballs and sauce is perfect. The “Edizione Burger” with bacon, offered for those who eat pork, is a flavor with many fans.

Address: İnönü Mahallesi, Harbiye Çayırı Sokak No: 101 Şişli

Rub İst

Rub is a place on Bağdat Street that deserves the price you pay. It is located right near Suadiye Marmaray Station. What makes Rub Rub is Pastrami Sandwiches with their incredible taste. These sandwiches are prepared by marinating for 7 days and smoking for 12 hours. “Pastrami Brioche Sandwich” is the most famous of the menu. The French butter bread, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and caramelized onion inside melts softly in your mouth. Truffle potatoes, hot dog, and crispy chicken, where everything is cooked over wood fire, are among the other must-try dishes.

Address: Suadiye Mahallesi, Ayşe Çavuş Caddesi, Kitapçı Sokak No:16 Kadıköy


Esteban, where you can find different burgers, is one of the places frequented by burger lovers in Beşiktaş. It is certain that they are one step ahead of many burger restaurants with their own fresh and soft bread recipes. “Mendoza Burger” made with gruyere cheese and truffle mornay sauce is one of the most preferred ones. If you say “I love hot”, we can definitely recommend “Burning Mendoza” with sriracha mayo sauce. The cajun spiced fries that come with them are also very successful and have a taste no less than the burgers.

Address: Abbasağa Mahallesi, Yıldız Caddesi, No:1 Beşiktaş


And of course, it was Dali’s turn, one of the most famous burger joints in Kadıköy. There are four types of burgers on Dali’s menu. Salvador Burger with kimchi and Catalan Burger with truffle mayonnaise are literally competing with each other. They have achieved the perfect balance in the burger with its abundant sauce, carefully prepared bread and delicious meatballs. There is also a special flavor here. And those are purple Peruvian potatoes! These purple sweet potatoes with high antioxidant content should definitely be tried. For those who want to have a perfect experience in Kadıköy, we recommend Dali as one of the 7 best hamburger restaurants in Istanbul.

Address: Caferağa District, Nail Bey Street, NO:11/B Kadıköy