Rado’s Art of Ceramic

26 November 2021
Rado’s Art of Ceramic

As is well known, Rado always takes the use of materials one step further with its fostering endless innovation. The brand has been also carrying the art of ceramic to wrists for more than a quarter-century.

Rado’s story began in 1917 when brothers Schlup decided to turn their small workshop in Switzerland into a modest watch company; indeed, the brand recognized a world brand in a short quarter-century. And today, Rado pushes the boundaries of materials in haute horology world as one of the most renovative brands of industry. One of the most used materials of the brand is advanced technology ceramics in recent years.

Firstly up, ceramic is an art made from raw materials including clay and quartz by shaping and firing. Although ceramics evoke pottery at the first time, they are also to a non-metallic inorganic solid that is hardened and shaped by heating to high temperatures. That means ceramic is both art and technology challenge. Therefore, when you touch a high-tech ceramic Rado, you feel both the delicacy of art and advanced technology. And the journey of the brand with ceramic is truly began with addition of timepieces to main collections in the 1990s: The ceramic bracelet produced in 1986, later on The Ceramic was introduced in 1990, and the Sintra ceramic models announced three years later).

The ceramic used in watches is not as fragile as the others since it is produced with a different technology and called as “ceramic steel”. Of course, high technology is one of the most fundamental factors of ceramic watches, yet as we mentioned above, ceramic watches also have an artistic side since ceramic is an art all on its own.

And The Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic is one of the latest examples of art of ceramic in Rado watches. The model comes with high-tech ceramic and dives into the brand’s deep-rooted history from 2021. And actually, the line features a nostalgic style in a way.

The monoblock case structure of the model is preserved in this watch, yet the timepiece comes in 43 mm for the first time. High-tech ceramic resistance to scratch, but this time it is also hypoallergenic. The Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic feature the Rado caliber R734 and comes with 80-hour power reserve.