Whiskey Culture: How to Taste Whiskey?

16 November 2021
Whiskey Culture: How to Taste Whiskey?

Participating in a perfectly organized whiskey tasting might be first step to get to know whiskey, which is defined as the spice of life by the spirit’s lovers. Actually, whiskey tasting is an art, because this tasting means much more than sipping a drink. There may not be as many varieties and flavors as wine during whiskey tasting, but what you will discover in the depths of the whiskey glasses will surprise even you.

What is A Good Whiskey?

Whiskey covers a vast world. Firstly up, you should decide what whiskey you want to taste. Tasting whiskeys from different categories for your first experience might not be a good beginning. You can step into this mysterious world by choosing one of the concepts such as Scottish, Irish, Bourbon or single and malt whiskey.

Choose Perfect Whiskey Glass

On the other hand, right whiskey glass has always been debated. In fact, whiskey glass depends on personal taste, which means you drink with bell bottom glasses or narrow bowl and smaller mouth resembling wine glasses, if you wish. However, it should not be forgotten that glasses, particularly, during the tasting, plays an important role in meeting the whiskey. That’s why, you should prefer tulip-shaped glasses with pedestal glasses that narrow upwards. These glasses detect the aroma of spirit and thus store its smell. Also, there should be as enough number of glasses as you will try to taste.

Whiskey Culture: How To Taste Whiskey?

 The Environment

Where should a whiskey tasting be taken place? Although it may seem like a detail, the place in which whiskey tasting take place is important for an exploration based on the right senses. For instance, there will be some differences in a bar and a pool. To eliminate these kinds of factors and to capture the right flavors, the best decision is to taste the whiskey in a well-ventilated environment or in a clean and open air.

The Color of Whiskey

You should pay attention to the color of whiskey because it tells you many about the spirit. Hold your whiskey glass up to the light or over a piece of white paper and see the color scale range from light yellow to dark brown. Usually, it is suggested that dark color has bigger flavor. If you are looking for lighter whiskey, you can try much lighter in color.

Whiskey Culture: How To Taste Whiskey?

The Sniff

You might meet whiskey with nosing. But please be aware, whiskey is a high alcohol liquor; so, a slightly sniffing is more than enough. Concentrate the flavors by holding the glass high up towards your nose. Before taking a deep breath, try to understand what the spirit evokes by sniffing and exhaling. Does it smell floral, woody, spicy or fruity? If you make a note of all this, it will guide your next whiskey selections.

Take a Sip

Literally sip the whiskey. Taking small sips is another important step for whiskey tasting. Take a small sip of whiskey and swish through your mouth. Sipping is help get the real flavor of whiskey without being exposed to the high alcohol content.

Well, you smelled the whiskey, sipped it, and began to explore its different flavors by swirling it in your mouth. As a final step, swallow the whiskey and try to make sense of the taste it leaves in your mouth. Try to describe the taste as short-medium-long-very long.

Whiskey Culture: How To Taste Whiskey?

Adding A Drop of Water

Sometimes adding a few drops of water to the whiskey and seeing what its aromas will take is an important stage for tasting. Even some whiskey lovers enjoy discovering the different forms the diluted drink takes by sipping on a glass of whiskey that has been added ice. If you are not looking for a heavy taste, you can more easily find your aroma in the whiskey glasses with water and ice.