Ready for New NASA Missions: Updated Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Master Chronometer

The first big announcement of the year was the Moonwatch, which appeared with a new caliber, Master Chronometer certifica and bracalet design.

One of the first news of yeras came from Omega. It is worth nothing that in the days when our general mood goes backwards, an attempt to move forward, a watch that directly reminds of the discoveries outside the galaxy is good news.

One of the most powerful stories watchmaking is the presence of Omega Speedmaster in the space mission where humanity first landed on the Moon. Celine Yap has an interesting interview about explained how Omega was chosen with James Ragan who tested and provided all equipment to use in NASA’s space mission. James Ragan says in this interview: “ The astronauts wanted a chronograph watch. This watch is supposed to be able to operate at -/+ 180 degrees Celsius; I thought I wouldn’t find a watch like this.” Watches that meet the critireas are requested from all brands, they can find only 4 wathces and Omega is the only watch that can pass test among all these watches, it succesfully completes the space mission. It is a fairly right choice that the new versions of watch later take the name “Moonwatch”.

Omega presented Apollo 11  Anniversary Limited Edition with golden and silver versions of featuring Caliber 1861 in 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of  Apollo 11 mission. After a while, Omega also presented  “Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary  Speedmaster” which is also NASA connected and one of the hits of the year with Snoopy on october.

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The highlight of the Moonwatch which announced yesterday is that it is an updated and improved model. It is a big announcement for brand because after more than 50 years we are meeting a new caliber. The Co- Axial Master Chronometer Caliber 3861, equipped with a coaxial escapement and certified Master Chronometer, is used for the first time in this hand-wound watch after 1861 which is succesor to Speedmaster’s famous 321 caliber.

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New Caliber 3861

Thus, Caliber 3861 is introduced to us with this model which was developed in 4 years. With the new movement, the watch declares its resistance to magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss and the Master Chronometer certification shows that we meet with an updated watch that is also ready for new NASA missions. ( The watch is much more accurate with deviation of + – 0/5 seconds per day; also the power reserve has increased from 48 hours to 50 hours.)

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The design of the watch was inspired by he fourth generation Moonwatch ( ST 105.012) worn on the Moon. The model offers a retro look with an asymmetrical case, stepped dial, double sloped back cover and 90 diagonal dots on the aliminium bezel ring. 

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Another innovation that should mentioned on the watch is the new brushed bracelet with five straps per row, which is integrated into the case. In one version of watch, Hesalite glass, an acrylic type, was used in the case; this is a material that flatter and provides optical clarity than sapphire crystal. In the Hasalite model, the link on the bracelet is matte finish and in the sapphire models, it has a glossy finish. On the back case of the Hesalite model, the seahorse engraving was “in 1965, tested by NASA  for all space missions” and “ The first watch worn in the Moon” is written, while case and case back of sapphire crystal model looks like sapphire crystal which is written “the first watch worn in the Moon”

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Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Master Chronometer; it is offered in eight options: 4 stainless steel reference versions, two 18K Sedna gold reference versions, and two 18K Canopus gold (the brand own white gold and platinum alloy)  reference versions. The Hesalite model has a fabric nylon strap, and sapphire crystal model used calfskin strap; bracelet option can be preferred in both versions. All models have a 5-years Omega warranty.