GPHG Bold Watch of the Year: H. Moser & Cie Endeavor Cylindrical Tourbillon H. Moser X MB&F

H. Moser & Cie won the “Audacity Prize” at the 2020 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG).

GPHG Audacity Prize is given to the best watch with an extraordinary approach, which is against the general acceptance of the watchmaking world, contains incompatible elements. Hence, different approaches in haute horology are also rewarded in order to encourage creative audacity.

One of the extraordinary works came from the world of haute horology, similar to the collaborations we have seen frequently in the fashion world in recent years, and this partnership brought an award.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı h-moser-cie-endeavour-cylindrical-tourbillon-h-moser-x-mbf-2-1200x800.jpg

It could be more effective that looking directly at the clock more than words: H. Moser & Cie. is emphasizing a one-minute flying tourbillon that rises above the main dial through a ventricular opening appearing at 12 o’clock.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı h-moser-cie-endeavour-cylindrical-tourbillon-h-moser-x-mbf-1-1200x900.jpg

However, there is a third pillar of collaboration: H. Moser & Cie . is benefiting from the expertise of its sister company Precision Engineering AG, has equipped its tourbillon with a cylindrical balance spring, the same as that developed by Precision Engineering AG for MB&F’s LM Thunderdome. Invented in the 18th century, the cylindrical balance spring is reminiscent of a worm- or corkscrew, rising perpendicularly around the upper rod of the balance staff. Due to its specific shape, the cylindrical balance spring is far more difficult to produce and takes ten times longer to make than a traditional balance spring.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı h-moser-cie-endeavour-cylindrical-tourbillon-h-moser-x-mbf-1200x879.jpg

Another reference to MB&F’s identity lies in the tilted dials, which H. Moser & Cie. has adopted for its hour and minute subdial, achieved in sapphire. This is inclined at 40° so that the owner of the watch is the only one to whom it reveals the secret of time, and mounted on a conical gear train ensuring optimal torque transmission from one plane to the other. Available in five different versions, the Endeavour Cylindrical Tourbillon H. Moser × MB&F model comes in a steel case.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı h-moser-cie-endeavour-cylindrical-tourbillon-h-moser-x-mbf-18-1200x900.jpg


  • Cylindrical balance spring that refers to the 18th century but adapted to our age.
  • One-minute flying tourbillon that rises above the main dial.
  • A watch produced by collaboration of H. Moser & Cie. and MB&F.
  • Limited by 15 pieces.
Modelin 5 versiyonu bulunuyor.