Editor’s Picks from 212 Photography Istanbul

212 Photography Istanbul is meeting with Istanbulites for the fifth time this year.

Photo by Florian Ledoux

212 Photography Istanbul, which set out in 2018 with the aim of creating a sustainable art and culture tradition and establishing a dialogue with different disciplines through the art of photography, is meeting with art lovers for the fifth time this year. The event, which will take place between October 6 and 16, will offer an artistic exploration route in the city with nearly 15 different venues. Akaretler, Yapı Kredi bomontiada, Taksim Sanat, Zorlu PSM, Kadıköy and Beşiktaş Squares are some of the venues where the events will be held.

With 8 exhibitions it hosts, Akaretler is one of 212 Photography Istanbul’s busiest venues. Jonas Bendiksen, Enri Canaj, Felix R. Cid are some of the photographers whose works will be exhibited in Akaret Row Houses. Akaret Row Houses is also hosting the Magnum 75th Anniversary Exhibition, which consists of poster format photographs of Magnum Photos from 1947-2022, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

Peru, 1954. (© Werner Bischof/Magnum Photos)

Another exhibition that Akaret Sıraevleri brings together with art lovers is the exhibition “We are on Record”, which explores the frames and stories from the visual history of music based on the record collections of Murat Abbas, Kanat Atkaya and Burak Sülünbaz.

Taksim Art, on the other hand, is hosting the exhibition “Faik Şenol, Once Upon a Time in Istanbul”. The exhibition, which consists of frames by Faik Şenol, who keeps a record of the period in which he lived with the photographs he took, sheds light on the change and development of Istanbul with the art of photography.

Film screenings of the event will be screened at the Institut Français Cinema and MUBI. With the special membership defined for 212 Photography visitors, the selected films can be watched at mubi.com/212pi throughout October. “Crazy Pierrot” by the master director Jean-Luc Godard, whom we lost recently, is one of the films that can be seen at the Institut Français Cinema.

The workshops “Materials Show with Metin Sergeant: Photographing the Material Texture of the Karaköy Thursday Market” to be held on Saturday, October 8, and Architectural Discovery on the Streets of Beyoğlu with Burcu Böcekler, to be held on Sunday, October 9, are among the kinds of works that will attract the attention of those who want to explore the streets and texture of the city.

For our readers who are keen on writing, “The Unbearable Weight of Writing in Magazines” with Merih Akoğul on October 11 may be one of the interesting conversations of 212 Photography Istanbul, and for cinema and photography enthusiasts, “Photography in Cinema: Discussing Concepts of Photography in Films” on October 10. can be noted on the calendar.

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