Celebrating the 100th Anniversary: 100th Anniversary Events of the Republic

The 100th anniversary of the Republic is celebrated with enthusiasm all over the country, from balls to concerts. The achievements of the 100-year Republic will be celebrated with millions of people, especially in Ankara and Istanbul, with balls, concerts, exhibitions and installations.

Pera Palace Hotel 100th Anniversary Ball

Pera Palace Hotel, one of the special hotels in the history of the Republic with No:101, where Atatürk stayed for a while, will organize a Republic ball on October 29 with the concept of “Special Republic Balls”. At the event, where Atatürk’s favorite songs will be played and delicacies from the first years of the Republic will be offered, No:101, where Atatürk stayed, will be visited with a special tour.

Cosmopolitan Republic Events

Within the scope of Cosmopolitan Republic Events to be held at Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel between 27-29 October. Events such as İlber Ortaylı, Ceren Aksan Mumcu, Aegean & Symphony Orchestra Republic Ball, Sunay Akın and Livaneli Orchestra’s “100th Anniversary Special Performance on the Republic Road” will be organized. On October 29, Livaneli Orchestra will take the stage after Sunay Akın’s speech on the journey and future of the Republic.

Bosphorus Republic Ball

The Republic Ball, organized by the Boğaziçi Alumni Association, is open not only to the school’s graduates but also to outside participation. At the ball to be held at Pera Palace on October 28, the 100th anniversary of the Republic will be celebrated in this place that Atatürk loved, accompanied by his favorite songs.

100th Anniversary Concert of the Republic

The 100th anniversary concert of the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet, which will be held on the evening of October 29 at the Atatürk Cultural Center Türk Telekom Opera Hall, will accompany the celebrations with marches and folk songs, paying tribute to the composers raised by the Republic, under the conductors of İbrahim Yazıcı and Volkan Akkoç.

In addition to balls, the 100th anniversary of the Republic will be celebrated with great enthusiasm by citizens with public concerts all over the country. With the “Turkey Century Installation” inspired by the official logo of the Turkey Century at the entrance of Taksim Square in Istanbul, the 100th anniversary contents and 100th anniversary celebrations can be watched at the event venue via live broadcast on October 29. Concerts by artists such as Zülfü Livaneli, Şevval Sam and Sertap Erener will be held at Istanbul Maltepe Event Area on 28 and 29 October.

Museum Gazhane, one of the most popular cultural venues of recent times, will accompany the 100th anniversary celebrations with workshops, concerts and various events throughout October 29. In addition to the workshops organized for children and adults, the 29 October Band will also be among the celebrations of the Museum Gazhane. Pera Museum will present the “100th Anniversary Concert of our Republic” to art lovers, which will be performed by Burcu Göktürk and İbrahim Suat Erbay on October 29, and will organize guided exhibition tours throughout the day.

Some hotels in the city also accompany the celebrations; The Peninsula Hotels will host its guests to celebrate the Republic Day on October 29, accompanied by the Cinema Symphony Orchestra, at The Lobby, the hotel’s restaurant located in the historical Passenger Terminal building, between 13.00 and 16.00. The hotel’s 100th anniversary celebrations will be accompanied by The Peninsula Brunch, which brings together Turkish and world flavors with touches of Atatürk’s favorite flavors.

Important projects and works of the 100th year will be exhibited on LED screens on the floating dock that will move in the Bosphorus throughout the day on October 29. Historical places such as Galata Tower, Haydarpaşa Train Station, Republic Museum, Ethnography Museum, Clock Tower and Dolmabahçe Palace will be colored with special light shows. Composed by the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, “100. “Year’s Anthem” will echo in the squares of the country.

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