A Home Away From Home: Airstream Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer

This time, Airstream and Pottery Barn is in a collaboration for a new trailer.

For many trailer owners, their trailer is their second home and therefore they are looking for home comfort when they buy a new trailer. That is why, many trailer brand design their vehicle in line with this purpose. Having already comfortable trailers, the iconic trailer brand Airstream increase the level of comfort with in a collaboration with the American luxury furniture brand Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer, in 28 feet length, is designed with pieces from Pottery Barn collections. That is, Pottery Barn adds a luxury and elegance touch to comfortable trailers of Airstream. With this collaboration, both brand aim to redefine the meaning of travel in comfort and elegance.

When we open the door of the trailer designed with iconic aluminum coating, the interior come with a feeling evokes a home from the beaches. From the living area to the bathroom, each part of the trailer is furnished in oo-white, gray, and beige colors and thanks to this design the interior offers a sunny and wide-open living space.

The furniture and decors are chosen from Pottery Barn’s best-selling and popular collections. The L-shaped sofa in the living area is not much different from the one we would use in any apartment. Decoration is enriched with tiny curtains, pillows and small lamps. The kitchen comes with a table for four people, chosen in color and upholstery that is compatible with the sofa. If you like to watch something while eating, a TV buried in the ceiling is waiting for you. The stainless steel kitchen sink features a walnut cutting board that can also be used as a sink cover. In addition to a bedroom with a large double bed, the living area of the trailer can also be turned into a space for three people to sleep comfortably.

I think, the cutest detail of the trailer is a cocktail tray that can be integrated to the outside of the kitchen window.

Furthermore, Pottery Barn has designed a new collection in which you can see cute caravan figures in every detail. Thanks to the Airstream X Pottery Barn Collection, you can furnish your home inspired by travel spirit. The collection features more than 40 pieces for every area of house, from kitchen to the bathroom.

Check out more photos of the Airstream X Bottery Barn Collection: