5 Steps for Beard-Care Routine

16 October 2023
5 Steps for Beard-Care Routine

Beards are among the defining trends of men’s care recently. We have compiled a beard care guide in 5 steps for a well-groomed beard appearance.

You woke up in the morning, washed your face, brushed your teeth, shaved. Moisturizer, sunscreen and finally a light touch on the hair! You are ready. Every morning is on autopilot. Until one day he decided to grow a beard. The beard you want to grow, partly for an image change and partly to get rid of the need to shave every day, needs a separate ritual. So, your job is not that easy, but the results are worth it.

Beards are among the defining trends of men’s care recently. A well-groomed beard appearance is very important for the first impression. The most important point you should consider before growing a beard is your face shape. Of course, at the end of the day, you should choose the model that suits you best, but it is also useful to get help from these general lines. If your face is round, your aim is to make your face look thinner. For this, you can choose a downward-angled look on the cheek area. If your facial features are angular, you may want to highlight your jaw line. Go for beard models that are short at the bottom and slightly longer on the sides. If you have an oval face shape, you are lucky; your face probably doesn’t like a beard and you can easily try any model.

After deciding on the model, it is time to maintain the freshness of the first day. Beard care is equally important as skin care. Let us also remind you how true the saying “Beard is a man’s make-up” is. This being the case, you may get stressed by wondering where to start with your beard care. But don’t worry, we explain the steps you need to follow in detail. Our guide is beginner-friendly and easily applicable at home.


The first stop on our road map is brushing. Brush your beard with a hard bristle brush (maybe horsehair) before showering, both in the direction of beard growth and against it. This step will bring the beard dandruff to the surface and make it easier for you to clean the beard. After this exfoliating application, use a brush with softer bristles that will not irritate the skin and go over the skin under the beard with circular movements. This movement, which increases blood circulation, is perfect for both purifying the skin and keeping your beard healthy.

5 Steps For Beard-Care Routine
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You should clean your beard daily; this is one of the most important rules. Beard and beard roots are among the most suitable areas for dirt accumulation on the body. Even if you don’t realize it, your hand may be constantly touching your beard during the day, and your partner may be touching it. While these contacts lead to bacterial accumulation, we are not even talking about the residues left by food and drinks that touch the beard! Therefore, you should wash your beard with a gentle formula shampoo 3-4 days a week. When washing your beard, you should make sure that the temperature of the water is not too high. And of course, it is important to dry your beard with a microfiber towel after rinsing. Beard roots left wet may cause sensitivity and dermatological complaints such as fungus. However, do not be harsh on your beard, just remove the excess water with tampon movements. If you are going to use a dryer, make sure the setting is on the lowest temperature.

5 Steps For Beard-Care Routine
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Brushing, touching and washing: These three actions can cause beard hair to dry and wear out, and then break and become dull. Therefore, you should nourish your beard with a care oil and moisturizer daily. This step nourishes the beard skin, roots and beard hairs, creating beards that look more vibrant, thicker, disciplined and well-groomed. You can kill two birds with one stone by choosing the balm you use while styling your beard during the day from formulas that deeply moisturize.

So, how should you apply the oil or balm? First of all, avoid using too much product. If your beard is not very long, 8-10 drops of care oil or half the amount of balm on your nail is sufficient. After taking the product in your hand, warm your palms by rubbing them together and comb the beard up and down with your fingers to blend the product into the beard thoroughly. Then move on to styling.

5 Steps For Beard-Care Routine
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In fact, your daily beard care consists of three steps: Brushing before the shower, washing your beard at the end of the day and moisturizing it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Editing is still included in your routine, but not as often. Depending on the speed of hair growth and the messiness of your beard, you can adjust your beard length 1-2 times a week and focus on the areas that need to be cleaned. You won’t be doing any exact shaping in this step. You can leave the styling part to your barber, especially if your hands are not used to it.

Even though you will be doing a superficial process, there are details you need to pay attention to in weekly beard cleaning. First of all, if you are going to trim your beard when it is wet, remember that a wet beard is longer than a dry beard, you may shorten it too much without realizing it. Mustaches should not cover the lips, and the neckline should not be too high – it can create the illusion of a double chin. Two fingers above your Adam’s apple is your limit.

Beard and Skin Care

By following these 4 steps in a disciplined manner, you can achieve truly well-groomed and clean-looking beards. However, finally, it is useful to emphasize the fine line where beard care and skin care intersect.

Since beard hair comes into direct contact with the skin, beard care products also affect the skin. So, make sure you use products that are good for your beard but do not irritate the skin. By using the right beard care products, you can both shape your beard and strengthen your skin barrier.

If you suffer from beard dandruff, you should make sure that your skin is saturated with moisture. Taking a very hot shower or washing your beard with very hot water can also trigger this condition. If you have persistent dandruff that does not go away, do not hesitate to see a dermatologist.

Since your beard prevents the underlying skin from breathing and tends to accumulate dirt, you should also apply a skin care ritual specifically for this area. First of all, you can apply chemical peeling to the roots of the beard once a week with AHA-BHA serums and ensure that the skin routinely removes dead skin. Even though it is covered with beard, you should not forget to apply moisturizer every day.

5 Steps For Beard-Care Routine
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