5 Steps for Healthy Sleep

Hustle and bustle of life, work stress and country’s agenda affect our sleep routine. Enjoy a good quality sleep and a move vigorous start to the day with these simple tips.

For a healthier body and mind, nutrition and exercise are often prioritized first. Yet, the benefits of a good night’s sleep are at least as high and important as these two. According to studies, irregular and poor-quality can affect hormones, your performance and brain functions during the day negatively. Besides, this brings also risks of weight gain, premature aging and disease. On the other hand, healthy sleep helps you to be more vigorous, increase your energy, strengthen your immunity, support cell renewal and rejuvenate.

There is a decline the sleep quality over the last few decades. This means that many of us regularly get insufficient or unfavorable sleep. Hustle and bustle of life, work stress and country’s agenda and other issues that we cannot control also effect our sleep routine. Although we cannot intervene in the factors that affect our sleep routine, there are some habits that can be adopted for more healthy and better sleep. Here are some trips to enjoy your sleep and a more energetic start to day.

Build Your Routine

For a more regular and quality sleep session, your body rhythm should also prepare itself for sleep. Therefore, going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day – even in weekend – can help the body get used to it and help you sleep more deeply.

Organize Your Diet

Try to avoid foods that weigh you down and does not agree with your stomach during evening meals. Meals that the stomach can digest easily prepare the body for the rest phase. Also, last meal should be eating a few hours before bedtime. You should also be careful not to consume stimulants like nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine in the evening. Since nicotine and caffeine can take a long time to be eliminated from the body and may prevent you from failing asleep. On the one hand, alcohol can help fall asleep easily at first stage, but then you may feel uncomfortable at night and may interrupt your sleep.

Environment Optimization

For productive sleep, there should be a suitable environment. Make sure your room is free from distracting noises at the optimum temperature and dark. Because these three factors can make it difficult to fall asleep and prevent the body from going into deep sleep. Furthermore, choose your mattress and pillow according to your body orthopedics.

Begin to Digital Diet

Going to bed with a more serene, calm and neutral mind have also great importance for your sleep quality.  Anyway, you are already exposed to enough blue light during the day. Therefore, cut off contact with the digital world 1-2 hours before your bedtime. Step away from the TV and put your phone away. Don’t forget that spending time on social media in the bed is a such habit for sleep quality.

Do Relaxing Activities

Here is another hidden enemy to deal with for a better sleep: stress. Going to bed with a clear mind is great for both falling asleep faster and for a deeper sleep. You can hit two birds with one stone by exercising during the day. Organizing the next day, making to-do list or even deciding what to wear can help you close some of the tabs left open in the back of the mind. On the other hand, calming rituals are also very important at this point. Relaxing bath routines, mini meditation sessions and soothing breathing exercises before bedtime can help you prepare your body and mind for a sound sleep.

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