Uncover Your Inner Explorer: Montblanc Heritage Egyptomania

Ancient Egypt a period that captivated our imagination world for millenia. This ancient civilization that concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River, always open doors for new breath-taking discoveries. Ancient Egyptian temples, magnificent pyramids, legendary pharaohs and more stories… For instance, the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb and the mysteries inside it created one of the biggest cultural events from literature to cinema in 20th century. Now, Montblanc takes a step into this mysterious civilization with its new pen series. Brand says that pen is elegant combination of vintage flair and the spirit of exploration.

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Pen promises to write like an Egyptian, the octagonal body of pen is decorated with ancien Egypt gravures. Created in partnership with an expert Egyptologist, the octagonal precious resin cap of the writing instrument is decorated with authentic hieroglyphs that translate as “white stone mountain”. The 14K gold nib on the fountain pen features an embossed scarab – a sacred ancient Egyptian beetle – and a triangular heart-hole that reminiscent of historical Montblanc fountain pens.

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The yellow gold exterior of the pen,which reminiscent of richly decorated sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen, is inspired by precious objects found in his tomb. The solid gold heritage nib features a crook and flail design – a symbol for the divine authority of the kings and queens of Egypt – and is set with a diamond.

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The turquoise scarab beetle opening mechanism, decorated with carnelian, opens to reveal the writing instrument. Pen is designed to the finest detail, it is worty of the magnificent and mysterious world of ancient Egypt.

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