10 May 2022

Architectural wonder hotels that stand out from their competitors with their extraordinary concepts will breathe life into your holiday.

Kruger Shalati, South Africa

Kruger Shalati, which looks like a train suspended on a bridge, is a very special project in which historical wagons are transformed into a luxury safari camp. The iconic train that carried many explorers from Europe to Africa to the Kruger National Park in the 1920s now welcomes those who come to the park on safari with its pool suites. The magnificent nature views of Kruger Shalati, which has 31 rooms, 24 of which are wagons, fascinate the guests.

The World'S Coolest Design Hotels

Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore

It must be a great privilege to stay in a tower hotel covered with plants in a city surrounded by skyscrapers… Singapore’s famous hotel Oasia Hotel Downtown resembles a tropical garden rising towards the sky in the crowded city center with its “alive” image covered with lush green plants.

Shipwreck Lodge, Namibia

The Skeleton Coast, at the point where the Namib Desert meets the ocean, is one of the important tourist attractions of Namibia.

The chalets of Shipwreck Lodge, which was opened in the area where thousands of ships had mysteriously washed up until today, have both desert and ocean views.

The World'S Coolest Design Hotels

ME Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ME Dubai is a lucky hotel; because it is included in The Opus, one of the last projects of the world-famous architect Zaha Hadid before her death. The mirrored façade of the eccentric building, where two glass towers take the form of a cube, is also the source of ever-changing reflections and plays of light.

The World'S Coolest Design Hotels

Morpheus Macau

If you like neo-futuristic designs and Michelin-starred restaurants, make sure to book your place at Morpheus, one of Macau’s newest hotels. The architectural design of the hotel, which draws attention with its kitchen under the management of Alain Ducasse, has recently become one of the most talked about projects in the world. The 40-storey glass construction building includes ultra-luxurious and innovative 772 guest rooms and nine duplex sky villas. The modern art gallery is one of the best addresses on the Asian continent in this area.

The World'S Coolest Design Hotels

Manshausen Island Lodge, Norway

Manshausen Island Lodge, opened in Norway by the famous polar explorer and photographer Børge Ousland, draws attention with its proximity to the Arctic Circle. Staying in glass-covered sea cabins in a magnificent atmosphere where mountains and sea meet is a truly privileged experience…

COMO Cocoa Island, Maldives

What would it be like to book an ultra-luxury resort and sleep in a rowboat? Located in one of the best diving spots in the world, COMO Cocoa Island Resort is talked about not only with its overwater pool villas, but also with its suites reminiscent of the traditional fishing boats of the Maldives called “dhoni”.

The World'S Coolest Design Hotels

Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Finland

One of the well-known hotels of the North Pole, Arctic Treehouse’s glass villas with tree house concept are among the accommodation options that bring nature to your feet. It is a completely different pleasure to watch the Northern Lights from these extraordinary villas called “Arctic Glasshouses”…

Playa Viva, Mexico

One of the best examples of sustainable eco-tourism in the world is the award-winning Playa Viva in Mexico. The most extraordinary room of the boutique resort, which consists of 12 villas designed entirely from natural materials, is the bamboo tree house rising among the giant palm trees.

Hotel Marquez de Riscal, Spain

Hotel Marques de Riscal, built by the legendary architect Frank Gehry in the Rioja region of Spain, known for its vineyards, is a true masterpiece of art. The exterior of the building resembles a sumptuous gift package with its purple metal installations, curving to refer to grapes.