Sureyya Opera Will Fascinate Again

29 September 2022
Sureyya Opera Will Fascinate Again

Sureyya Opera, which succumbed to the big screen after its magnificent opening in 1927, was rented by Kadıköy Municipality for 49 years in 2005 and restored in accordance with the original, and opened its doors to art lovers again in 2007. Kadıköy Municipality Süreyya Opera, which will spend its 16th art season this year, shared its new season program with art lovers.

“Monday Chamber Music” and “Coffee Concerts”, which attracted great attention last season, will continue this season as well. The concert opened by Dana Zemtsov and Julien Quentin Duo under the name “Music of Virtuosos” was also the first Istanbul concert of the duo. The first of the Coffee Concerts, which will take place every Sunday, will open on October 9 with the Robertolssoglio piano recital.

Süreyya Opera, which will also include musical stage works in the new season, will perform its first play with Yedi Kadın on October 4th.

Wolfie in Wonderland, which will make its first performance for children on October 16, will be exhibited in addition to the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet plays.

The enchanting Süreyya Opera House is ready to welcome art lovers with its beauty that defies years.