Saatolog Picks – Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Although we have not yet fully achieved the seasonal normal in the first quarter of May, we take advantage of the warming of the weather and turn our faces to the sun. We are making our holiday plans for the summer months, some of us have already started weekend getaways. The Aegean and Mediterranean are already shining. As such, ideas that will make these moments more enjoyable also appear in a corner of our minds. As Saatolog editors, we think that it should be a celebration of turning our faces to the sun, and that’s why we raise our glass with a compilation of cocktails that will increase the level of refreshment with the warmer weather, which are suitable for the summer months.

Smoky Aperol Margarita

A refreshing cocktail with spicy and citrus notes: Dip your glass in lime juice, then hot spice seasoning and set aside. Meanwhile, add half an ounce of lime juice, 1 ounce of Mezcal, half an ounce of orange liqueur and ¾ ounce of Aperol in the shaker. Mix for 15-20 seconds. Put ice in your glass and pour the mixture. With a thin slice of lime on the rim of the glass, you are ready for a spicy but sweet sip.

Watermelon Sangria

Put 4 slices of watermelon, the seeds of which you have removed, together with 1 bottle of muscadine wine, 1 ounce of rum, 4 slices of lime juice, 2 slices of lime paste, 1 teaspoon of sugar in a medium blender. Continue to grind in the blender until the mixture becomes liquid and stop mixing. Keep the mixture you put in a metal or glass jug in the refrigerator for a while and then decorate it with blueberries and drink it.

Strawberry Basil Smash

If you like to drink whiskey, the following lines may be of interest to you. Take one and a half ounces of a 12-year-old Scotch whiskey, crush 5 strawberries and 3-4 basil leaves in a shaker and pour. Incorporate ¾ ounce of lemon juice and half an ounce of sugar syrup into the shaker and mix well. Pour the mixture into a whiskey glass with plenty of ice, insert a few strawberries into a toothpick and color your cocktail.

Malfy Sorbet Bubbly Lemonade

Follow the steps for the most practical way to teleport to Italian beaches in one gulp. Put half an ounce of Malfy Gin Arancia in a shaker with 1 tablespoon of frozen lemon sorbet, ¾ ounce of honey, 1-2 mint leaves and ice. After mixing well, pour the mixture into a large cocktail glass. Add some Prosecco on it and if you wish, throw a slice of grapefruit into the glass.


Mix a preferably orange-flavored tequila with 1 ounce of pineapple juice, half an ounce of coconut water, half an ounce of citrus juice, orange juice to taste, and ice. If the tequila isn’t orange-flavored, don’t be fooled by orange juice. After making the mixture homogeneous, pour it into your glass with ice. Make your cocktail more exotic with a small slice of pineapple.

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