Saatolog Picks – Best Podcasts of 2022

As social media has integrated into our lives through several platforms, our channels of access to information, comments and ideas have also developed, diversified and evolved into different formats. Podcasts also have become a part of our daily routine after the content that has become part of our visual memory. Of course, some of us find this format a little bit boring, yet others turn to streaming channels for the new episodes of their favorite Podcast at the beginning of a day. If you are one of those people who love to listen podcasts, here are the best podcasts of this year.

The Daily – New York Times

The New York Times’s perspective, which covers the world’s agenda and offers compilations from different discipline, takes an in-depth look at the current topics through its podcast series The Daily. Hosted by Michael Barbaro, the series consists of episodes in which interviews conducted by New York Times writers are analyzed. Each episode, lasts about 25-45 minutes, gives the opportunity to develop a different perspective on the news.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience, the world’s most listened podcast is a series of conversations by American comedian and commentator Joe Rogan with his own name. Rogan’s topics can be ranging from aliens to economic crises, from political moves to recipes with his guests cab sometimes lasts up to 3 hours. Although it may sound too long, the podcast is guaranteed from the first minutes that you will be in a good mood during this time. Joe Rogan Experience can be listened to on Spotify.

Nilay Örnek – Nasıl Olunur?

One of the most listened podcasts of Turkey is shaped with the questions of journalist and writer Nilay Örnek. Talking with experts in their fields, Örnek hosts conversations shaped around the question, “How to be?”. The podcast can be listened through Storytel. No doubt that it should be on your Podcast list.

Bunu Ben de Yaparım – İbrahim Selim

Developing contents for different platforms, İbrahim Selim takes the microphone with his team to discuss urban legends that have become myths in our daily lives, and to ask kind of questions that perhaps everyone asks but no one can express out loud. Selim’s entertaining perspective takes the topics out of absurdity and brings them to the agenda. This broadcast also can be listened on Storytel.

Barış Özcan ile III Hz

Known with his eponymous YouTube channel, Barış Özcan is this time in front of the microphone to record his ideas about art, design, technology and music. With his podcast, which he defines as an auditory experience, he enlightens his listeners with the information caught between the lines in the flow of daily life while telling stories.

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