Pera Museum at Your Own Home

Pera Museum at Your Own Home

Pera Museum brings together it is permanent and long-term exhibitions with art lovers as a digital archive presented with three-dimensional modeling.

The streets where we walk to art galleries or museums, the coffee shops where we sit or the bookstores where we stop are just as enjoyable as visiting museums. For example, for me, the most enjoyable way to get to the Pera Museum is to walk along Istiklal Street and stop at bookstores that no longer exceed the number of fingers of both hands. For a long time, we have longed for all these pleasant moments, while museums and art galleries have also developed alternatives for us. If you remember, last month the Louvre museum opened more than 480 thousand works of art online, including works such as the “Mona Lisa” and the Hermes statue. Pera Museum also gives art lovers a similar spring gospel and offers a three-dimensional exhibition experience in homes.

Permanent exhibitions hosted by Pera Museum meet art lovers in a virtual environment. Unlike online exhibitions, new digital exhibitions, which come with three-dimensional modeling, offer an experience closer to that of the physical world. These three-dimensional exhibits can also be experienced with virtual reality (VR) glasses. The exhibits, which can be studied to the smallest detail, are supported by multimedia tools, so they are closer to the physical world.


One of the exhibitions that you can visit with a virtual tour is “Anatolian Weights and Measures”, which dates back 5 thousand years to the present day, and another is “Coffee Break”, which examines the place of coffee in Ottoman society on the axis of tile and ceramic production.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı 1618920066_ZevkMeselesi_sergiden.gif

In the exhibition “Intersecting Worlds”, the works of names who adopted both embassy and painter identities in the history of Ottoman diplomacy are exhibited. The famous “Tortoise Trainer” painting by Osman Hamdi Bey, which focuses on the art life of painter, archaeologist, and muse ologist Osman Hamdi Bey, is also included in this digital archive.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı 1618919330_EtelAdnan_twitter.gif

In addition to these permanent exhibitions of the museum, it is possible to experience the current exhibitions that it has conducted in the last year in three dimensions. “Miniature 2.0”, which features a current interpretation of miniature art, “Building a Dream”, which examines the complex relationship of Albanian history with socialism, and “Crystal Clarity”, which deals with environmental problems in the light of crystals, are other three-dimensional exhibitions. Also added to the digital exhibition archive are the museum’s newest exhibitions, “A Matter of Taste” and “Etel Adnan: The Impossible Homecoming.” You can visit the exhibitions on Pera Museum’s website.

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