Luxury Pet Friendly Hotels Around the World

23 May 2022
Luxury Pet Friendly Hotels Around the World

From the USA to China and Europe these pet-friendly hotels take the holiday comfort of your pets one step further with special welcome, paw massages, meals and walks…

In your opinion, what is the expectation of your pet from an enjoyable vacation? After checking in the hotel, they would like to be greeted by names and hosted a suit exclusively prepared for you, and then to have your meal on the terraces of restaurants that run by famous chefs. I’d say, they will take pleasure when rolling on the sun-warmed sands or jogging along the shore where the waves of the sea gently hitting. Fortunately, all these possibilities are not only reserved for pets of royal family. Today many luxury hotel welcome pets as they welcome their most special guest.

Le Bristol, Paris

Hosting its guest as one of the elegance hotels of Paris since 1925, Le Bristol is a favorite of the world’s elite. The hotel is a pretty welcoming option for your pets and there you can find special treats and joys for pets. But that’s not all! Fa-Roon is permanent cat of the hotel and it is a playmate for your pets.

Boston Harbor Hotel, USA

Boston is a frequented destination not only for business trips but also for summer vacations. Bringing the view of the Boston harbor to your suite, the hotel also welcomes your pets in a pretty hospitable way. The Rose Kennedy Greenway Park right next to hotel, which offers exclusive dining options for guest and their four-legged friends, is an ideal alternative for pleasant walks with your dogs.

Cliveden House, Britain

Cliveden House is an English country house from 17th century, the hotel has hosted almost all British monarchs to date. And of course, the house has hosted so many four-legged friends. The Mayfair restaurant serves at the kitchen of Cliveden House and there is a special menu for your dog.

The Lowell, New York

Some travel editors describe The Lowell hotel as a “hidden gem”. The-European-looking hotel, which makes its visitors feel like they are at home, is also a luxury pet-friendly hotel option for your pets. This 17-floor boutique hotel right across Central Park, rises a pet-friendly hotel with pet beds, specially decorated prize cookies, and room service with a special menu for four-legged friends.

Rosewood Hong Kong, China

Embracing the enchanting view iconic Victorian harbor in Hong Kong, Rosewood offers a range of special services for pets. Gorgeous beds, treats, special welcomes, dog-friendly restaurants and bars are some of these opportunities.

Woof Cottages, Nantucket Island

As one of the top private jet destinations in the USA, Nantucket is also pretty dog-friendly island. The island seems like everyone have a dog, so much so that, you can travel comfortably with your four-legged friends in many areas and location of the island. Located right in the heart of the dock, Woof Cottages is one of the most sustainable hots for a long vacation, of course, for both you and your lovely pets.

Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch, Colorado

The first pet-friendly Ritz-Carlton hotel, Bachelor Gulch brings your children together with our four-legged friends with its “Four Legged Greetings” events on weekdays or weekends. Offering dog beds and special menus, Bachelor Gulch is a very welcoming hotel with walking paths and parks right next to it. Furthermore, ultra-private dog-friendly suites wait its guests at Club Level within the hotel.

Las Ventanas, Mexico

Known for its wellness services right across the blue waters of Mexico, Las Ventanas promises to refresh your pets as well as you. Dog houses located on the beach, special menus and “doga” massages for your dogs are just a few of opportunities the hotel offers your four-legged friends.

The Umstead Hotel & Spa, Raleigh, New York

Located in an imaginary triangle between the Washington, DC metro area and the island of Kiawah, Umstead is a hidden 5-star hotel. The hotel is a peaceful oasis with its lake besides unclosed and verdant playground areas. You can spend time with your dog by the lake, as well as you can use the indoor walking area called “DogWoods”.

Nirvana Mediterranean Excellence, Antalya

Located on Kemer’s wide and lush lands, Nirvana Mediterranean Excellence is a pet-friendly hotel from Turkey. The hotel offers veterinary and pet car services, also houses a private beach, restaurant, and walking areas for your pets.