Goodbye Twitter!

Elon Musk and his plans for Twitter is one of the most interesting topics of the recent days. On the other hand, there are some reactions from the brands as well as individual accounts.

While the acquisition process, the changes of the platform and Musk’s experiments on Twitter were not welcomed by many peoples, according to others Twitter become his new toy.

Several brands and names like Gigi Hadid deactivated their accounts and announced that they will no longer use Twitter as a social media and communication platform. Lastly, Balenciaga deactivated its Twitter account and became the first giant fashion brand that react to this situation.

Even though the brand did not comment on this issue, it confirmed that it will continue to maintain its presence on other social media platform but will no longer use Twitter as a communication tool.

The Paris-based Spanish brand, which has nearly 14 million followers on Instagram, seems to have no difficulty catching up with the 950 thousand followers it has turned its back on Twitter on other platforms.

As a brand hosts famous names of the social media in its campaign shootings, with this move Balenciaga proves that it does not need social media platforms.
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