Celine’s New Star is Hedi’s Best Friend

The slice reserved for lifestyle products by luxury fashion brands is getting bigger every passing day compared to the rest of pie. While athleisure and home wear have become one of the collections in which many luxury brands have invested mostly, home decoration, textile and furniture categories continue to accelerate without slowing down in the post-pandemic period. Pet collections is also included this trend. Indeed, many ready-to-wear and luxury brands have been designing with their four-legged friends in mind for several seasons.

With the same perspective, Celine’s creative director Hedi Slimane make his best friend Elvis the star of this new pet collection. Of course, Slimane is behind the camera: his long-standing French style, his mastery of using leather and creative side is also reflected to pet collection.

The collection includes such as feeding bowl, collar, leash tip, chew toy and water bowl, besides typographic detailed Weekender bag, which the brand offered for sale in the past seasons. Furthermore, this time the bag comes with the word “dog” printed, not Celine. If you want to do a favor your four-legged friend, now you know what you should to do…

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