Bulgari at the LVMH Watch Week: The Harmony of Art and Technic

Bulgari’s latest watches which are a splendid harmony of art and technique have presented at LVMH Watch Week that has organised digitally between 25-29 January.

Bulgari Octo Roma Carillon Tourbillon

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The first clocktowers did not have a dial, they announced the time with chemes. The first clocktowers which are similar with todays clocktowers were was build in Milan, 1335. Humanity has evolved over time, minute repeaters were invented, has developed with the contribution of geniuses such as Abraham Louis Breguet, the giant clocktowers firstly appeared on the table, then in the pocket and finally, on the wrist. Now, Bulgari combines Italian design Haute Horlogerie and micro-mechanical mastery of Swiss watchmaking with the Octo Roma Carillon Tourbillon watch.

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One of the inspration sources of watch is Carillon which  the second heaviest musical instrument of the world ranking by behind only the largest pipe organs,is an interesting insturement that consists of at least 23 cast bronze,cup-shaped bells and played by striking batons. ( The heaviest carillon with 91 tones is at Riverside Church in New York City. Whereas, the largest carillon is with 120 bells in the Palace of Mafra, Portugal.)

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It is only possible in the watch world that expressing the intangible feelings of music with small size complex mechanics. It is a challenging art to creat a flawless and poignant bell sound. The first challange is to ensure that the sound can be hear clearly and powerfully. This complication has solved in Octo Roma Carillon Tourbillon by an innovation that configures the sound of three hammers to spread throughout body of the case thanks to titanium grille on the movement.

Completely manufactured in-housed, the brand new manually wound caliber BVL428 is a 8.35 mm thick, and comprises a total of 432 components. Watch has 75 hours power reserve and a limited with 15 pieces.

Bulgari Octo Finissimo

The main difference of Octo Finissimo from other watch is that its ultra-thin structure which has set six world records in six years: It is such a assertive watch that thinnest tourbillon in 2014, the thinnest minute repeater movement in 2016, the thinnest automatic movement in 2017, the thinnest automatic tourbillon in 2018, the thinnest automatic chronograph in 2019, then thinnest tourbillon chronograph of 2020.

Octo Finissimo continues to maintain its assertion with redrawing the desing codes of modern sport watches in 2021. Three new models has joined to original Octo Finissimo family last week: Octo Finissimo S with silver dial in a new monochrome style, Octo Finissimo S Chronograph GMT with blue dial and Octo Finissimo S Chronograph GMT Titanium with rubber strap.

Octo Finissimo S

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Octo Finissimo S is a new version of a model that has unveiled last year; like previous model, it has a stainless steel case with water resistant up to 100 meters, and its case size is 40 mm. Now, model presents with a monochrome option. The satin-polished case of the watch which has a silver dial contrasts with bezel brushed style of sunlight. Despite of this simplicity, the micro-roto caseback of the watch is a visual feast.

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Octo Finissimo S Chronograph GMT

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Octo Finissimo S Chronograph GMT with automatic chronograph mechanism a modern watch that with silver sub-dials and a new sunray blue dial equipped with a slim caliber BVL318 with circumreferential rotor of 3.30 mm. There is a second timezone indicator on the sub-dial at 3 o’clock. The octagonal case thickness is 8.75 mm and case diameter is 43 mm. Chronograph GMT which is waterproof to 100 meters distinguishes from the previous watch with its larger screw-down crown.

Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT Titanium

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The third Octo Finissimo innovation of 2021 is the 42 mm titanium case Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT Titanium which is presented by a new dial and a rubber strap that seems like fabric for a sportier look. The new version of the thinnest mechanical chronograph watch (6.99) is powered by circumferential rotor (3.30), it also has black opalin dial and the dual time function.

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Bulgari Diva’s Dream

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Bulgari watches use peacock which is the symbol of immortality, fertility and permanence  as a tribute to female beauty. Blending superior decorative techniques with real peacock feathers and jewellery expertise with exceptional Swiss craftmanship, Bulgari announced two limited new version: Divas’ Dream Peacock Dischi and Divas’ Dream Peacock Tourbillon Lumière.  In addition, Bulgari has added  another new beauty to the collection with Divas’ Dream Peacock Dischi which has an interesting enamel dial with a technique that champlevé.

Bulgari Serpenti Spiga

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Bulgari snake watches have been on the wrists since 1940s, and the Serpenti collection is one of the brand’s most well-known iconic jewelry timepieces . New collection consists of three new watches featuring the Serpenti Spiga, Bulgari’s high accuracy quartz movement and the intricate matelassé pattern with diamonds on the bracalet. The modular construction technique, which consists of 70 different pieces that hold the bracalet together and has been the touchstone of the Bulgari style since the 1980s, allows to combine single elements in various designs. Motif of Spiga resembles a wheat ( Spiga means “wheat” in Italian), reinterprets the legendary motif based on Bulgari’s Roman heritage.

The first watch is with mother-of-pearl dial, bracalet is 18k rose gold and has 281 brilliant cut diamond. The second watch has rose gold  with a black lacquered dial, has three row bracelet and 461 diamond bezels. The last watch is 18k white gold with a crown made of single blue sapphire.

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