Aston Martin’s New Bespoke Car V12 Speedster

9 May 2021
Aston Martin’s New Bespoke Car V12 Speedster

Aston Martin’s new bespoke design is a personalized version of the brand’s famous model DBR1. Equipped with the V12 engine, this new car is designed to offer a visceral driving experience.

Aston Martin, whose every car is handmade and features British aesthetics, recently announced the details of its new model V12 Speedster. The British luxury sports car brand has a rich heritage in terms of both aesthetic and technical. The V12 Speedster, which will be limited to 88 pieces, also features the heritage of the brand in terms of design and technique. Each car will be worth a collection piece, and it is expected that only the most elite car collectors and enthusiasts will apply for V12 Speedster.

Stunning Green Design

The V12 Speedster is combined with Aston Martin Racing Green paint and Clubsport White pinstripe and roundels. The iconic Aston Martin Racing Green driver and passenger helmets are located under transparent windows, while sterling silver “wing” badges shine on one side. The meticulous design of the glossy carbon fiber, Caithness green leather and satin silver aluminum switchgear in the open cabin of the V12 Speedster features the respect for a true automobile wonder.  For the 21-inch wheels in satin black of each V12 Speedster, spending more than 50 hours in the painting process.

Inspired by a fighter jet, complemented by Skyfall Silver (a nod to the movie James Bond), the spine structure separates the driver and passenger.

Aston Martin Creative Director Marek Reichman says, “Emotion and excellence are at the heart of this car. The V12 Speedster was designed to deliver a visceral driving experience rather than the elegant form of a rare and unusual Aston Martin.”

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Technical Specifications

The V12 Speedster nods a heritage that includes not only the extraordinary DBR1, but also the CC100, which was introduced in 2013 with a breathtaking design. The DBR1 is the most successful racing car ever produced by Aston Martin, has victories in races such as the 24-Hours of Le Mans and 1,000 km Nurburgring 1959.

Even though it is a car built for competitive racing, the DBR1 also pioneered some of the DB road cars, the brand’s most recognizable heritage. The design of DBR1 continues to be one of the brand’s most beautiful and elegant designs. The model has many achievements in its history such as Spa Sportscar Race (1957, Tony Brooks) and Goodwood Tourist Price (1959). Therefore, it is not surprising that the brand chose to customize the DBR1 as a special option for the new V12 Speedster.

Besides, at the heart of this new car is a high-performance version of Aston Martin’s iconic 5.2-liter V12 Twin-Turbo engine with a peak of 700 PS and 753 Nm. Offering impressive V12 tunes with effective performance and responsiveness, the engine is mated to a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission mounted at the rear of the car. Each V12 Speedster hand-made at the company’s Gaydon headquarters.

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The Speedster is available to order, will be delivered at mid-2021. The estimated price of the car is $ 950,000, but considering the dramatic look of the V12 Speedster, that price is likely to be exceeded.