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A Wimbledon Guide

1 July 2022
A Wimbledon Guide

Wimbledon’s best restaurants, bars and must-sees…

Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament, is hosting the stars of the tennis world for the 135th time. The Wimbledon tournament, where the courtesy and gentlemanliness of the English aristocracy prevail on its courts, is held in Wimbledon, a town about half an hour from London. The residential area, which is a typical English town with its wide greenery, is also a center of attraction with its stylish boutiques and restaurants. We have brought together the best restaurants, bars and must-see places of Wimbledon for those who want to take a look at the city while watching what the stars of the tournament, Nadal and Djokovic, will do on the grass court.

Restaurants & Bars

A Wimbledon Guide
The Ivy Cafe Wimbledon

The Ivy Cafe Wimbledon

The Ivy Cafe, one of the most popular restaurants in the region, is also one of the places frequented by visitors to the city, especially during the tournament period. Interpreting modern British cuisine with “café-style” flavors, the restaurant welcomes its guests with special cocktails and desserts on the Wimbledon 2022 menu.

Thai Tho

Thai Tho, which has been serving in Wimbledon for nearly 20 years, is one of the restaurants frequently preferred by tennis stars who come to the tournament. Thai Tho, who adorns the restaurant window with decorations and colors special to the tournament, offers a variety of menus ranging from local Thai flavors to seafood. The restaurant also has a vegan menu option.

Megan’s Wimbledon

Megan’s Wimbledon, with its blue walls and tables decorated with flowers, is an English restaurant where you will feel yourself on the shores of the Mediterranean. With fresh eggs and a variety of vegan flavors served in clay bowls, Megan’s Wimbledon is the ideal option for a sweet weekend brunch in this English town. I should add that the place is pet friendly.


If you want to try Latin flavors in a stylish oven dominated by warm and natural tones, your stop in Wimbledon should be Chango. Pairing street flavors with fine wines, Chango has been serving in the town for a long time.

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi, where Japanese cuisine is blended with Nordic flavors, is one of the Far East restaurants you can experience in Wimbledon. With Kennedy chairs placed around a long thin table under dim lights, Scandinavian and Japanese cultures are brought together not only in taste but also in decoration. The white milk and strawberry dessert prepared specially for the Wimbledon tournament is a must try.



In the photo below, the person sitting at Hemingways’ table is not Queen Elizabeth, as you might guess, but a photomontage marvel. But still, Hemingways’ is one of the most famous bars in Wimbledon. Welcoming its guests with live music and energetic services, the bar conveys the excitement of the grass court throughout the tournament with broadcasts from Wimbledon.

Fox & Grapes

Fox & Grapes, one of Wimbledon’s local bars, is a stylish gastropub. You can enjoy an English beer with snacks at the bar, managed by the famous chef Paul Merett, or you can have dinner in the wooden-floored restaurant.

Tequila Mockingbird

Especially famous for its cocktails, Tequila Mockingbird is a place where you can spend a fun weekend in Wimbledon with its live music. Not to mention cocktail options special for the tennis tournament and discounted drinks that you can buy by showing your Wimbledon ticket.

The Crooked & Billet

Known for its quality beers since 1881, The Crooked & Billet is an ideal pub for those who love hamburger-beer duo. If you’ve been to the town especially for the Wimbledon tournament, you can enjoy watching the matches while sipping your beer. Keep an eye out for your four-legged friend because The Crooked & Billet is a pet-friendly bar.

The Dog & Fox Pub

The Dog & Fox Pub, one of the oldest local hotels in Wimbledon that has been in service for many years, is also very famous for its bar covered with tennis rackets, as well as accommodation facilities. You can follow the tournament in the wide-open area of ​​the bar or in the indoor area furnished with luxury hotel elegance.

Where to Visit at Wimbledon?

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, which traces the deep-rooted history of tennis dating back to almost the 16th century, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive tennis museum. The museum hosts a wide tennis collection, from the clothes worn by tennis stars and the rackets they use, to the tournament posters that have been prepared since 1893.

A Wimbledon Guide
A Wimbledon Guide

Wimbledon Windmill Museum

If you are a fan of tennis or Don Quixote during the tournament week, the Wimbledon Windmill Museum, which takes the local and historical trace of windmilling, is one of the must-see places before leaving town. Focusing on windmills, the museum also captures the English countryside of a period. Founded in 1976, the Windmill Museum survives through donations and volunteer work. Museum visits are free.

Polka Children’s Theater

Polka Children’s Theatre, one of the few scenes of Wimbledon for child actors and audiences since 1979, is one of the first addresses to enter the list of families who go to town with their children. It is an ideal option for cultural activities with children in Wimbledon, with workshops, storytelling and events organized with families.

A Wimbledon Guide

Wimbledon Farmers’ Market

Wimbledon Farmers’ Market is the right address if you want to explore the local delicacies of the town before leaving Wimbledon, and stroll through the authentic market of a culture you do not know. Seasonal fruits grown in Wimbledon, milk and honey from the town’s farms, local drinks of the city, and an English-style market shopping await you at Wimbledon Farmers’ Market, until you reach the potted flowers you can take home when you leave the city.