A New Piece from Leica

25 September 2022
A New Piece from Leica

If American photographer Ansel Adams meant to create lines by immortalizing moments and memories by saying, “Photography is the solid and brilliant poetry of truth”, Seal may be that person who can achieved this with both his songs and his photographer identity. And Leica, which is a long-heritage brand, must have realized this, the brand made collaboration with Seal for the launch of its new series Q2 Dawn.  

Q2 Dawn comes with completely a different body design than previous models and it is limited to only 500 units.

Paying homage to lyrics by Seal, the special series is inspired by the Japanese term “komorebi”, which means the transparency and interplay of light that occurs when sunlight falls through a tree canopy.

Using a special fabric covering, black thread (93% polyester) and gold-colored Japanese paper (7% washi), Leica made unique each limited-edition camera in this way. An exclusive Rag & Bone scarf with Seal’s handwritten lyrics also comes with the set.

The set also includes a strap with Seal’s lyric from Kiss from a Rose, “you became the light on the dark side of me”. Besides, the Leica logo is accompanied by Seal’s signature and serial number.

As you have met with Q2 Dawn, now is the time to immortalize the memories…