New York'un En Yeni 5 Restoranı

5 New Restaurants in New York

New York continues to be a center of attraction with new venues dominating the winter season. So, here are 5 newest restaurants of the city.

Café Carmellini

Has opening its doors last November, Café Carmellini is the new address for a fine dining experience in New York. Moreover, The Fifth Avenue Hotel, where it is located, is most talked about new hotel in the city nowadays. The new project of Chef Andrew Carmellini, whose signature is found in important venues of the entertainment industry such as Locanda Verne, Lafayette, Bar Primi, is one of the addresses where it is almost impossible to find a table in New York with its magnificent decoration referring to the Gilded Age New York, a remarkable menu with French and Italian cuisine and a 70-page wine list consisting of more than 1800 bottles.

5 New Restaurants in New York


Welcoming gastronomy enthusiasts who want to taste dishes of Rome in New York, Roscioli is the new address of Italian gastronomy in the city. Just like the original in Campo de’ Fiori in Rome, Roscioli not only serves food, but also offers more than 300 types of cheese, charcuterie and wine imported from Italy for sale. Taking you on a journey to Rome with its lively and authentic atmosphere from the moment you step inside, Roscioli’s pasta and pizzas have already become a trend…

5 New Restaurants in New York


Sushidelic is perhaps the most colorful restaurant in New York. As you can understand from its name, the place, which is famous for its sushi, has been created as a sanctuary for those who are crazy about this Japanese delicacy with its decoration and colorful sushi… Although the restaurant in Soho has become a place where city dwellers and tourists primarily visit to take extraordinary instagram photos with its atmosphere dominated by pink, blue and purple colors, it has made a name for itself with its colorful and delicious sushi served as two different set menus.

Café Chelsea

Café Chelsea, which quickly becomes popular in New York, is a typical French-American bistro located in the famous Chelsea Hotel, the favorite hotel of Andy Warhol, Janice Japlin and others… It is now one of the number one choices for those who want to be “seen” in the city, and of course, the menu is as good as the ravioli – the steak tartare is one of them. With its Art Deco wall decorations, vintage mirrors, huge crystal chandeliers and tiled floor tiles, Café Chelsea tries to bring the historical texture of Europe to New York and is about to take the fame of Balthazar, which has been serving New York society for many years…

5 New Restaurants in New York


Ilis, which opened in Brooklyn, brought warmth to New York this winter with its wood-fired game meats, seasonal vegetables, seafood and pastries. With an industrial open kitchen accompanied by simple decor and artwork, the name Ilis comes from the Danish words “il” and “is”, meaning fire and ice. This is a sign that an extraordinary experience awaits you in this extraordinary restaurant. After all, its creator Mads Refslund is the co-founder of Noma in Denmark, which has been voted the best restaurant in the world for many years in a row. Ilis consists of a single open space, meaning that the kitchen and the restaurant are located in the same place. This allows the chefs to act as waiters from time to time and serve the dishes they cook in front of the guests. Those who want to watch this spectacular performance have already created waiting lists…

5 New Restaurants in New York
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