Whoop, Whoop, Tell Me!

Whoop, Whoop, Tell Me!

Latest invented every things becomes ordinary after a while. As if it is always in our lifes. While watching a TV series about 1950s, we always think about what were they doing without a mobile phone, and we adapt to new inventions with te speed of light, just like how we adopt to mobile phones. Phones, computers, houses heated by an application make our lives easier. So, what happens in the wearable technologies?

Whoop is the new favorite of the last period, it quickly entering the gap it caught during the Covid19 pandemic and has managed to influence many people as well as professional athletes.

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Actually, although Whoop 3.0 looks like a fitness tracker, it provides you a lots of information about whether you are ready to exercise or your body is startign to fight with any disease. The technology which also uses the fast breathing data of people caught Covid 19, actually acts like a personal trainer and telling you how to practice, your rest and work times.

Although lack of a screen on the apparatus you wear on your arm seems to be designed to prevent you from a life which dependent on the an electronic device; it also prevents you from extra lights during night sleeps.

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Whoop is also breaking taboos and says “ You don’t need to 8 hours of sleep, you just need to know how many hours enough will be enough for you” . Maybe, we need to hear from someone that we are healty and at peace.

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