Whiskey Culture: A Guide to Picking Whiskey

Pick your favorite flavors and make the right investments to become a world-class whiskey collector.

Sometimes, buying whiskey is not easy as it seems; especially if you are not knowledgeable and experience in this field. Usually, in this situation, you hear poor advice of the staff in the liquor market or stores. But if you want to listen more knowledgeable advice, here some clues for you…

Firstly up, several elegant whiskey bottles on the liquor shelves can confuse you and even make much more it difficult to choose right bottle. So, you should do your homework before whiskey shopping. For instance, you might listen advice of you’re a friend who is knowledgeable about whiskey. For us, obtaining information is the most important step. For example, do you know the difference between Scotch and Bourbon? Or can you distinguish malt whiskey and blended whiskey? On the whole it is nearly impossible to build a good collection without knowing fundamental concepts.

Another easy way to find out if whiskey down to your personal taste is to try it. Go to a bar and try several types of whiskey! If you have ever tried a whiskey and liked it before, find out its region of production. Because you might like other whiskeys that produced in the same region, and, thus you can focus on this region when picking whiskey.

On the one hand, whiskey bottle labels can give you clues about the taste and smell of the drink. The region of production gives the basic characteristics of the whiskey. Even the quality of water in that region is also very important. Scotch whiskeys are produced in areas such as Islay, Speyside, Highlands, Lowlands and Campletown. Each region has an identified taste and note character. Therefore, you can learn more about regions and can focus on the region of production down to your taste.

How to Store Whiskey?

After picking right whiskey that down to your taste and preparing a small whiskey corner in your house, now it is time to store the whiskey. Well, what is the proper way to store whiskey? What is a true fact that most of us have a collection of open bottles of whiskey over time. However, the important thing is storing half open bottles with preserving their taste and aroma.

Whiskey can be affected by the sunlight and the changing temperatures of climate. Direct sunlight can destroy the cork, or temperature changes can damage the integrity of the spirit. So, the ideal place to store whiskey is a cabinet in room temperature, in darkness.

Furthermore, you should not store your whiskey bottle on their side, like a wine bottle, to protect it from flavors of the cork. Therefore, the bottle should store upright. To prevent the cork from drying out completely, should turn your whiskey bottle upside down every four to six months and let the whiskey are sealed with cork for about ten seconds.