Weigh Less, So You Can Carry More

Although going on vacation is enjoyable for everyone, there must be a stressful stage like preparing the luggage and airline airline luggage restrictions.

The Australian-based travel brand July has introduced the Carry on Light collection, which it launched with the philosophy of weighs less so you can carry more. The brand reduces the weight of the luggage, so the number of kilograms you can carry increase. Also, it adds a practical solution to the notion of travel its lightweight design thanks to a technological touch. Double wheel luggage is delivered with a 100-day return guarantee. Furthermore, you can add your initials to all the personalized custom luggage.

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Aside from luggage, July receives appreciation with laptop sleeves, handbags, tote bags, backpacks, phone cases and insulated water bottles. By the look of things, the brand is preparing to conquer the market with its minimalist style and wide product range.

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