Van Gogh Completed His Journey

Van Gogh’s Meadow, which is one of the early watercolor painting of the artist, has appeared after a long time.

To date, no one has seen the original version of the Meadow and it is known only from a black and white photo. Completing a difficult survival, the painting has started to be exhibited in Saitama Museum of Modern Art, Japan.

After a year the watercolor was created, Gogh brought his work to his family. Later on, his mother moved a small house and therefore she stored her son’s work with a local carpenter, Adrianus Schrauwen.

Saitama Museum of Modern Art

In 1903, Schrauwen decided to sell some of his equipments, and he sold Gogh’s work for the equivalent of 4 British shillings. Years later, the painting sold many times and it disappeared after 1950.

The watercolor, which is whereabouts were until 2020, was purchased by a Japanese collector Katsushige Susaki last year. Eventually, Meadow, in the Background the New Church and St Jacob’s Church has took its place in the museum.

Carpenter’s Yard and Laundry, Van Gogh, 1882.