Turkish Star of Cannes Yachting Festival: XSR 85

Sarp Yachts’ first hybrid model took its breath away as soon as it landed at the Cannes Yachting Festival, which took place between 6-11 September.

Cannes Yachting Festival, the meeting point of the top brands of the world yacht industry and the sea-loving European jet-set, once again hosted very important guests from all over the world. One of the most remarkable exhibitors of the fair was the XSR 85, the first hybrid model of Sarp Yachts, one of the prides of Turkey.

Cannes Yachting Festival is one of the biggest and most spectacular events of the world yacht industry. The event, which is held every year in autumn, is a yacht fair that both giant brands and sea lovers are eager to attend and look forward to its opening day. Cannes Yachting Festival also pays off this interest; despite the break required by the pandemic, it has not lost anything from its glory and continues to improve itself every year.

Becoming a platform where the latest models of star brands were presented to the world this year, Cannes Yachting Festival is one of the biggest yacht events not only in Europe but also in the world. Many shipyards prefer to make the world premiere of their new models at the Cannes Yachting Festival; Sarp Yachts, which produces at world standards in Antalya Free Zone, has not broken this tradition. It launched the first hull of the series, the XSR 85, at the end of August. The brand made its debut in front of the world at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

A Shipyard Confirmed Its Success with Awards

Sarp Yachts, which has a history of about 10 years, made a very rapid entry into the yacht industry with its first superyacht La Passion, which it launched six years ago. The superyacht, whose hull and exterior design was designed by Tanju Kalaycıoğlu and interior design by Adam Lay, won the International A’Design, International Arch of Europe and Design Et Al awards, and was deemed worthy of five international awards within a month.

After the 46-meter La Passion, the Antalya shipyard decided to launch a series this time and, taking into account the environmental concerns affecting the world, created the first hybrid model, the XSR series. The hybrid motor yacht series XSR, brought to life by Sarp Yachts, consists of three different lengths: 85, 105 and 125.

The interior and exterior design of the new hybrid model XSR 85 belongs to Turkey’s internationally renowned award-winning design office Red Yacht Design. The shipbuilding calculations of the model were carried out by the world-renowned engineering firm Van Oossanen.

So, what are the striking features of the new model? First, the XSR 85 has a carbon fiber superstructure. Thanks to its fast displacement hull form, the model offers spacious interior spaces and comfort to the boat owner, while at the same time reaching 21 knots with economical fuel consumption.

An Unusual Body Color

The body color of the first model of the XSR 85 series is extraordinary. The “Porsche guard red”, which we are not used to seeing in the seas, combined with an elegant hull form, brought the superyacht to an eye-catching beauty. With a capacity of 7,850 liters of fuel and 2,250 liters of water, the XSR 85 can accommodate a total of 13 people, including nine guests and four crew members. All four cabins of the XSR 85 are on the lower deck. The main cabin, which uses the entire width of the boat, is the largest, and the VIP cabin, which also uses the full width, is comfortable with its large bathroom. The forward crew section offers living space for four people.

Mavi Marine, which undertakes the technical and administrative management of the project, believes that the quality and features of the XSR 85 will lead to a great change in the sector. Mavi Marine adds that the new model creates a luxurious living space in harmony with nature by seamlessly combining indoor and outdoor spaces. In the XSR 85, the large windows that surround the hall and can be opened from floor to ceiling make the occupants feel like they are in the open air. The living room windows can be opened completely when desired, combining the interior and exterior spaces.

Both Efficient and Performance

The XSR 85 is also remarkable with its performance and efficiency. With its two 1000 HP diesel engines, the XSR 85 reaches speeds of 24 knots that many other hybrid yachts cannot reach. The model reaches a range of 1,000 nautical miles with two MAN 800 horsepower engines at a cruising speed of 12 knots. When quiet cruise is desired, it can travel about 8 knots with its two 50 kW motors. One nice thing about the electric motor is that there is no need for a generator at night while anchoring. In this way, you can enjoy the silence.

In the meantime, there is other good news from the XSR series. As we mentioned before, the XSR series consists of three different sizes. After the 85, the first model of the series, production will continue for the 105 and 125. Mavi Marine announced that the second yacht with a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system, which is currently in production, will enter the superyacht sector in the next eight months. The XSR 105 and 125 also have similar lines to the 85; but there is one more deck at 125.

The launch price of the XSR 85 is 5.45 million euros. The price of the second boat with a hybrid feature, which is still in production, will be 5.95 million euros. Let’s add that the superyachts are offered for sale by the world-famous broker firm Denison Yachting-Alex Clarke.

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