Time Freezes with Frieze

The best harbinger of the end of summer and the arrival of autumn is not only the beautiful pastel colors of autumn, but also the Frieze Art Fair, which takes place every year in London’s Regent’s Park, where a thousand and one varieties of these colors are experienced.  On the way to Frieze, which heralds the start of the season in full swing, the fast-flowing time of the city seems to stop the moment you step into Regent’s Park. It is different to witness autumn in this park, which offers a visual feast accompanied by the sounds of birds. For those who are in London, Frieze Sculpture will continue in the park until November 13th. Do not return from London without seeing both art lovers and this fall feast. For those who are thinking “When should I go to London?”, October is the best time to visit this city. 

Frieze London is one of the most inspiring art fairs that has been taking place in the heart of London in October every year since 2003 – even though it was held online in October 2020 due to the pandemic. Divided into three areas – Frieze London, Frieze Masters and Frieze Sculpture – the fair concentrates on contemporary art and artists of today. 

The 2022 edition of the fair includes over 160 important galleries from all over the world. The first galleries that come to mind are Gagosian, Victoria Miro, White Cube, Lisson Gallery, Simon Lee Gallery, David Zwirner, Stephen Friedman Gallery. In previous years it was possible to see participating galleries from Turkey, but not this year, hopefully we will be able to see them again in the coming years.

Located in Regent’s Park, Frieze London’s sister fair Frieze Masters is also within walking distance. Frieze Masters establishes a unique communication between contemporary art and historical art. So what does this mean? This is where Frieze Masters makes its mark: “In fact, every single work of art was contemporary when it was made” and encourages us to evaluate the past through the eyes of the present.  It allows us to travel back in time and understand the creativity of humanity and how all of this is actually contemporary art.

When you leave Frieze Masters, you have the chance to visit Frieze Sculpture during your walk through the park amidst the sweet autumn breeze and the rustling of leaves. Frieze Sculpture is an open-air sculpture exhibition organized every year. The good thing about this exhibition, which takes place in a public space, is that it is free of charge, so the moment you step into the park, you can inevitably be in touch with art. This allows art to reach a larger audience. Frieze Sculpture, which has become a tradition every year, reveals the strong relationship between nature and art.

Among the highlights this year, the works of Hilma af Klint, one of the pioneers of abstract art – 160 years after her birth – formed a bridge connecting Frieze London to Frieze Masters in Regent’s Park. On The Broad Walk, a selection of Klint’s works were presented as a virtual version on the Acute Art app. Through this app, you can see Klint’s works from anywhere in the world. The app makes art accessible again and makes up for it even if you can’t go.

Another person who made a name for herself was Tracy Emin. Her work “Leave me in my Own Space” sold for £950,000 ($1.06 million), while her neon works were sold for £60,000 ($67,000).

Frieze London, which was relatively quiet last year due to the pandemic, continues to make the heart of art beat again in Regent’s Park this year. I guess during the pandemic, the value of such events and the time spent to the fullest was understood in a different way. Time may be flowing faster than ever now, but sometimes it might be a good idea to throw ourselves into a park and refresh ourselves with art and nature, don’t you think?

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