The New Lamborghini 63 Has the Raging Bull’s Spirit

28 July 2021
The New Lamborghini 63 Has the Raging Bull’s Spirit

Lamborghini produced the Lamborghini 63 in collaboration with Tecnomar, part of the Italian Sea Group.

The designs of the Italian Sea Group come to life with an Italian aesthetic and Mediterraneas spirit. On the other hand, the yachts designed by Tecnomar -part of the Italian Sea Group- has also a sporty elegance in their body. Thus, high technology come together with dynamic and sporty style and appears in the waters. One of the examples of these kind of yachts is the Lamborghini 63, which is produced in collaboration with Lamborghini and Tecnomar.

First of all, the Lamborghini 63 is very fast! Undoubtedly, Lamborghini has value place for speed addicts. And now, this speed addicts come together with the waters. As you know, the brand has already produced marine engines for powerboat racings. In 2020, it has announced its partnership with Tecnomar, part of the Italian Sea Group. The conclusion is a cruiser that reflects the wild side of Raging Bull and the spirit of Italian design.

The New Lamborghini 63 Has The Raging Bull'S Spirit

The trademark hexagonal shape of Lamborghini is viewed from several places of yacht, including windows and stern. The two leather pilot seats feature adapted version of the Sparco racing seatbelts of the brand’s famous the Huracan Evo. On the other hand, the helm is designed based on the steering wheel of the Avendator. In addition, the paint job is inspired from the brand’s a model, Siàn FKP 37.

Designed as a fast day boat, the yacht has a dining room, kitchen, pop-up television and a sunbathing area behind the helm. Below the deck, there is a bedroom and a guest cabin, where the sporty appearance dominates.

Of course, the yacht also gets inspired from the racing cars in terms of speed. The Lamborghini 63 is one of the fastest yachts in its group, with a top speed in excess of 60 knots. It burns around 100 gallons of fuel per hour for a range of 360 miles at a speed of 40-45 knots.

As you can guess, the Lamborghini 63 comes with a price that aims the brand’s existing client profile. With a base price of $ 3.5 million and Raging Bull spirit, the yacht will appear in the waters.