The Most Entertaining Semester Camps

17 January 2024
The Most Entertaining Semester Camps

The bell is about to ring for the semester break that students are looking forward to! Let’s explore together the fun and creative semester camps where your children will relieve the tiredness of the year.

The semester break, which starts on January 20, ends on February 4, and a lot of fun and discovery awaits students during the two-week holiday period. During the semester camps, children will be able to do design coding, learn skiing, experience horseback riding, improve their foreign languages and participate in activities focused on sustainable living.

Playing Camp

Inviting children to a journey to the country of art, Playing Kamp opens the doors of a fantastic world consisting of the chapters in the book An Artistic Adventure by children’s book author and creative drama instructor Lider Hepgenç. In this camp, which will be held in the Kaz Mountains, happy and peaceful moments await children where they will create art countries with their families. In the camp, where many activities take place, you will also take a jeep safari trip to the invisible depths of the Kaz Mountains and explore beautiful villages.

The Most Entertaining Semester Camps
Sömestr Kampları

Date: 02 – 04 February 2024

Age Range: 5 – 12

Nature Camp

It will be very good for students who have left behind an intense education and training period to spend time in nature during the semester break! An enjoyable program where they can both relax and have fun awaits young guests at İksir Çiftlik, located in the unique nature of Kastamonu. Children have the opportunity to participate in this nature camp, which consists of two one-week periods, with their families. Moments full of discovery await children at the camp, which offers theoretical and practical riding lessons.

Date: 1st Term 22 – 28 January 2024 / 2nd Term 29 January – 4 February 2024

Age Range: 4 – 12 years

The Most Entertaining Semester Camps
Sömestr Kampları

Ski Camp

If you want your child to have fun and learn a new sport during the semester break, let us take you to the ski slopes as a family this winter. The ski camp organized by Little Philosophers at the Camp will take place in Sarıkamış. Get ready to experience the ethnic texture, culture and geography of the city in a wonderful event where history and skiing come together. Crystal snow, seen only in Kars Sarıkamış after the Alps, is shown as the most ideal snow for skiing. This means you will have a great skiing experience as a family. Children will have great fun on the track surrounded by magnificent pine forests.

Age Range: 6 – 16

Date: 1st Term 27 – 30 January 2024 / 2nd Term 1 – 4 February 2024

The Most Entertaining Semester Camps
Sömestr Kampları

Math Camp

In the semester camp organized by Nesin Mathematics Village, new science enthusiasts are trained by enabling children to make various mathematical inferences from games and daily life events. A camp period full of discovery awaits your child with Pentalitha math games, where children are introduced to mathematical concepts and also experience the processes of analysis, strategy development, abstraction and generalization.

Age: Primary school 3rd grade

Date: 5 – 7 January 2024

Coding Camp

Going to camp is an extraordinary experience for a child, but as a parent, you do not want him to go too far and want to be in the city, you can take a closer look at the Bricks For Kids coding camp in Ataşehir, Istanbul. In this camp, participating children will be able to build specially designed models with LEGO bricks and explore the world of engineering and architecture through games.

Age Group: 5 – 13 years

Date: January 22 – February 2, 2024

The Most Entertaining Semester Camps
Sömestr Kampları

High School Winter Camp

Koç University organizes the High School Winter Camp, where high school students have the opportunity to gain experience in different fields and learn about career steps before their university preferences. Students complete the camp by choosing the department they want from the fields of psychology, introduction to programming with Python, law, medicine, economics, molecular biology and genetics, and industrial engineering. All courses are given between Mondays and Thursdays by Koç University faculty members and assistants in English or Turkish, depending on the camp type chosen. In addition, participating students are paired with mentors who are full-time undergraduate students of Koç University and they help students with all their questions about the university.

Age Group: High School Students

Date: January 22 – February 4, 2024

The Most Entertaining Semester Camps
Sömestr Kampları

German Language Camp

Humboldt-Institut, located in the city of Lindenberg in the south of Germany, is among the most prestigious institutions in the country in terms of German education. Located a ten-minute walk from the tourist town, the school provides German education at all levels from A1 to C2. Students who receive 30 hours of language education per week can participate in various social and sports activities in the afternoon. Not to mention the opportunity to experience Germany.

Age Group: 13 – 17 years old

Date: January 21 – February 4, 2024

Chinese Family Language and Culture Camp

Are you ready to learn a brand-new culture as a family during the semester break? In the family camp held in Shanghai or Beijing, China, children and young people can participate in sports activities and travel programs as well as Chinese lessons, while parents can attend Chinese language classes for adults. The duration of the family camp full of discoveries is 2 weeks, but those who want to extend the program can add another two weeks by joining the camp in another city.

Age Group: 7 – 17 Years

Date: Updated every 15 days

The Most Entertaining Semester Camps
Sömestr Kampları

Canadian Language Camp

If you want your child to study English or French in Canada, you can find the camp program you are looking for at BLI Canada. In the camps held in Montreal and Quebec cities, language education takes place in the morning, while children’s creativity and linguistic independence develop with various projects and activities in the afternoon. You can set your own date for the camp, which continues until the end of the summer term, and you can even make a flexible program during your stay. In this camp, attended by students from many parts of the world, children will get to know different cultures and develop friendships while learning languages. World Camps organizes the language camp in Canada.

Age Group: 8 – 17 Years

Date: January – August 2024

Swiss Ski Camp

Switzerland Ski Camp, where young people from all over the world experience both mountain winter and city winter, takes place in Zurich. Camp participants spend 7 days in the mountains and 3 days in the city and have the opportunity to pursue their interests. At the mountain campus, they have the opportunity to participate in skiing, snowboarding, sledding or cross-country skiing in the afternoons, while improving their German or English language proficiency in the morning. In the city campus, language education is given in the morning, while sports, art and cultural activities are held in the afternoon. If you missed the opportunity to register for this semester, you can add it to your calendar for next year.

Age Group: 14 – 16 Years

Date: 1st Term 21 January – 30 January 2024 / 2nd Term 31 January – 9 February 2024