The Last Emperor of the Fashion: Valentino Garavani Turns 90

Valentino Garavani, the founder of the Italian fashion brand Valentino and the last emperor of fashion, is celebrating his 90th birthday.

Perhaps, Valentino Garavani’s life can be summarized the words “I love beauty, it is not my fault”. Born on May 11, 1932, in the north of Italy, Valentino’s path with “beauty” crossed when he went to Paris to study fashion at 17 ages. After graduated from there, he worked for several fashion houses in Paris for about five years. Later on, in 1960 he opened his boutique Valentino. Valentino, whose fame increased with the stores he opened in Milan and Paris less than ten years, is a giant designer today with the romantic evening dresses he designed for the red carpets.

In 1967, he designed Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress, he was not only designer of his, but also a friend of Kennedy. He made his mark in history as one of the greatest fashion designers of the century with the boutiques and iconic dresses he designed throughout his career. He was also a guest of the Venice Film Festival with Valentino: The Last Emperor of Fashion by a director and columnist of Vanity Fair.

Throughout his career, Valentino has built a system of polymorphic symbols in the fashion world, redefining the idea of personal beauty, re-expressing beauty in endless forms, offering an insight into the future, making beauty a unique part of personality in his time. Nowadays all these special creations, designed by Valentino from the 1960s to the first decade of the 21st century, are exhibited at the Teatro Sociale of Voghera for the designer’s 90th birthday celebrations. The exhibition will continue until June 5, which features designer’s most iconic 36 red dresses.

In addition to the clothes, works, drawings, newspapers, photographs, sketches and documents displaying the spirit of the period in which were produced are also part of the exhibition.

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