The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll: Elvis Presley is 86 Years Old!

The last pen of the collection tributes to Elvis Presley, king of the rock music.

It is an indespensable habit that touching paper and pen while writing. What could be more enjoyable than holding a pen that reminds us of the presence of a name that we admire between our fingers while taking notes for a meeting or getting out of the fast paced routine of life? For these moments, Montblanc has a special collection of fountain pens: Montblanc Great Characters Special Edition. Montblanc ranges from James Dean to Albert Einstein as part of the Great Characters Special Edititon collection that it has started with Gandhi in 2009; designs pens that serve as a homage to the names that influence world history, from cinema to science.

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The overall shape of the pen inspired by Elvis Presley’s love of V8 engines. Pattern on cap and barrel from the finishing of the Golden ring he wore during the “Aloha from Hawaii” concert.

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Clip has a V shape coming from Presley’ love of Cadillacs and their V8 Engine. Montblanc does not forget Presley’s signature style sunglasses and add to design: “EP” on clip inspired by these sunglasses.

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