“The Celebration Tour”

17 October 2023
“The Celebration Tour”

In honor of the 40th anniversary of her artistic life, Madonna will visit North American and European cities and give 78 concerts with the “Four Decades The Celebration Tour”.

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the release of her famous song “Holiday”, the name of Madonna’s 12th tour, which is expected to visit North American and European cities and give 78 concerts, is “Four Decades The Celebration Tour”. The tour, which started in London on October 14, is planned to end in Mexico City on April 24, 2024.

As you may remember, it was previously announced that the tour would start in Vancouver, Canada, on July 15, and the tickets for the tour were sold out in a short time. Just on the eve of the tour, the evil eye fell on this stubborn character who successfully pursued a career as if he would not die or grow old. The tour was postponed after Madonna, a 65-year-old mother of six children, suffered a serious bacterial infection and was admitted to intensive care in June. Madonna, who was discharged from near death on June 29, later wrote on Instagram, “I feel lucky”. And she wasn’t the only one who was lucky. Madonna’s fans, who came out of intensive care and returned to the stage, were also quite lucky, although not as lucky.

Madonna moved from Michigan, where she was born, to New York with the dream of becoming a ballerina, worked as a model, and became one of Patrick Hernandez’s revue girls. He went to Paris, founded a pop/dance group called Breakfast and started playing drums. Later, she became a soloist. Her life changed when she reached Sire Records through New York producer Mark Kamins, and she signed a record contract in 1982. She dropped the real bombshell with her second album “Like a Virgin”, produced by Nile Rodgers. He became a superstar so quickly in 1984 that fame suddenly overshadowed the importance of his music. Now the whole issue started to revolve around the magazine. However, he had music worth talking about, and this music was one of the best examples that summarized all the change and development in the eighties.

He had a say in issues such as multiple sexual partners, homosexuality, opposition to the family institution, and radical feminism, which have always shaken the value judgments of society. He was excommunicated by the Latin Church at the time because he attacked the sacred values of Christianity. The living legend, who will take to the stage until her death with this determination, ambition and hard work, has become the undisputed queen of pop with her crazy ideas, provocative lyrics, dazzling music and inexhaustible energy over a period of 40 years. However, behind this work was a meticulous life plan. Madonna was careful about every step she took and everything she ate. Famous chef Anthony Bourdain wrote in his book that he was a regular at a place where he worked and brought eggs with him for Caesar salad.

Madonna, who appeals to three different generations as an icon identified with pop music, came to our country twice. The first was the İnönü Stadium concert on October 7, 1993. Madonna, who set foot in Istanbul as part of the tour of her “Erotica” album, found great coverage in the media of the period, especially with her erotic dances. Their second concert took place 19 years later on June 7, 2012, as part of the third leg of the MDNA tour. After her bath time, Madonna went to the concert venue by helicopter, wearing sandals she bought from the Grand Bazaar, and during the show, she walked on a tightrope, kissed a male and female dancer, took off her shirt and showed one breast. During the 90-minute show watched by 55 thousand people, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in Marmara Ereğlisi, and the media made headlines the next day saying “Madonna shook Istanbul”.

Whether it will be the last time, Madonna will perform a show that will surpass the pop stars that came after her on this tour. And he will prove once again that he has a throne that will never shake in the pop music world forever.