The 5 Most Exclusive Restaurants in Venice

Those who plan to visit the floating city before the 59th Venice Biennale ends can enjoy these colorful venues.

Il Ristorante Adriatica

Located in Il Palazzo Experimental, one of the best hotels in Venice, the restaurant is one of the places to be lucky with its decoration that partially reflects the 60’s style and its local cuisine interpreted with seasonal products, one of them is spaghetti alla vongole prepared with fresh mussels. If you don’t have booking for dinner, let us say that the restaurant is also very pleasant at lunchtime.

Hostaria Castello

Opening its doors at the beginning of the year, this small and simple restaurant for 18 people set out to interpret traditional Italian dishes with modern details and gained great acclaim in a short time. Located close to the Rialto Bridge, Hostaria Castello also draws attention with its oriental and romantic decoration that refers to the Venetian days of the Ottoman period.

Terrazza Aperol

In the famous San Marco Square, it is a wonderful address for the aperitivo experience, which is the famous pre-dinner snack and socialization activity of the Italians, accompanied by small plates and cocktails prepared by the well-known chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani trained by Milan.


Cipriani, under the management of Belmond, perhaps the most famous hotel in Venice, entrusted all its eating and drinking venues to award-winning chef Riccardo Canella, whom he transferred with great enthusiasm last summer. Canella, who started his career as an executive chef, was eagerly waited for what he would do at the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Oro. Oro’s new eight-course tasting menu, which means “gold” in Italian, embraces all natural products from the Adriatic Sea, while not ignoring the traditional pastries of Italian cuisine.

Table at Osteria Giorgione

The pleasure that those who love both Italian and Japanese cuisine will experience in a restaurant that brings these two different worlds together cannot be easily predicted. Osteria Giorgione da Masa, the work of award-winning chef Masahiro Homma, who decided to open his own place after working in the best restaurants in Italy for many years, has a very unusual menu offering unique Japanese flavors right in the heart of Venice. For those who want to eat something non-Italian in Venice, it is a very good alternative with seafood and Japanese flavors.

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