Technological Update To Board Games

Technological Update To Board Games

During the time we tried to fit life into our house with Covid-19, we all specialized in making bread, turning our favorite Renaissance paintings into 1000-piece puzzles, participating in digital exhibitions, concerts. Maybe most of us have tried to adapt the activities we do in our daily lives to this process, maybe we have re-looked at our old habits and brought old customs to the new order. Of course, although we tried to hold on to life, we had moments where we were bored one way or another…

It is not surprising that one of the best things to do in this boredom situation is board games. Hasbro, which has become the empire of such games, said in a statement last year that sales of board games increased 21 percent with the pandemic. This recorded rate of increase shapes the idea of a company called the last Boardgame to produce a single “board” for each game, adapting the board games that consumers buy one by one to a digital environment.

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If you want to play the board game that you want on the same board, you can participate in two-person games over the internet with a friend with the same board.The Last Boardgame has been described as Netflix of board games since the day it was introduced. Just like digital gaming platforms, The Last Boardgame comes with a membership price of $14.99 and a device fee of $699. We hope The Last Boardgame will turn into a design based on its name and will be the last game we have received during the pandemic.

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