TAG Heuer’ New Brand Ambassador: Naomi Osaka

18 March 2021
TAG Heuer’ New Brand Ambassador: Naomi Osaka

Professional tennis player Naomi Osaka has become the new brand ambassador of TAG Heuer.

Naomi Osaka is the most exciting tenis player of recent years, she is only 23 years old, but she is mentioned her name all over the world. It was announced  the beginning of the January that she was the new face of Louis Vuitton Spring – Summer 2021 Campaign. Louis Vuitton is not only brand that thinks Naomi is modern and a stylish woman, now she has been selected as the new ambassador for TAG Heuer.

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Child of a Japanese mother and a Haitian father, Naomi Osaka is a strong player who has shined step by step since she appeared on the courts at WTA ( Women’s Tennis Association) as a professional tennis player at the age of 15. (2013)

Just three years later, she was named the new talent of the year at 2016 WTA Awards. Osaka is the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles and the firts Japanese player to win a Grand Slam tournament (2018). Her achievements  followed by Australian Open championship (2019) and Second US Open championship (2020).

Legendary tennis player Jean King is also a fan of Naomi Osaka. She explains that she was influenced not only by technical side of Osaka’s playing, but also her competitive personality: “ She looks like very quite and calm, but actually she is very passionate and always thoughtful. I really admire her achievements.”

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TAG Heuer, as a watch brand, seems to have found its core values such as passion, action, performance, mental strength and being a pioneer in Naomi Osaka.