Saatolog Picks: Top 5 Wellness Stops of 2022

The effect of autumn is felt first in nature and then in the city. While we haven’t been able to get over the heat of the summer vacation yet, we find ourselves in the middle of the season transition. One side of us is in preparation for the cold winter months, while the other side of us needs an extension of the summer vacation. As such, instead of adding destinations with high temperatures to our route, we are looking for stops where we will entrust ourselves to serenity. In the last quarter of 2022, we are in your presence with wellness and spa destinations. Our aim is to draw your road map in a holiday plan where you will return to yourself and invest…

COMO Shambala Retreat, Italy

After COMO Castello Del Nero, the first Far East-themed wellness stop in Tuscany, Italy’s new source of tranquility, COMO Shambala Retreat, opens its doors. Located on a magnificent 740-decare land, this unique stop welcomes its visitors with 7 different treatment areas. COMO Shambala Retreat is one of the ideal stops to rediscover Italy and yourself with its gym, spa and wellness centre, indoor and outdoor pool, yoga, pilates studios and gastronomic areas that serve food to accompany the wines from the vineyards that are part of the scenery.

Zulal Wellness Resort, Qatar

You should visit Qatar to feel the post-modern stance of the Arabian Peninsula. Moreover, now you have an excuse to make you feel much better: Zulal Wellness Resort. Zulal, which means clean, natural water in Arabic, allows you to renew yourself in the most natural way, with a naturalness that will do justice to its name. Located on the coast of Khasooma, the center is not just a wellness spot, but also embraces a meditative, organic lifestyle. This stop, which is usually on the list of families, invites you and your loved ones to live a few quiet days.

Chenot Palace Weggis, Switzerland

Bringing the perception of wellness into the luxury category from a biological perspective compared to its competitors, Chenot Palace issues you a wellness prescription with the data it has obtained as a result of an mRNA-focused molecular test. Different treatment and healing methods under the titles of Advanced Detox, Recover & Energize, Prevention & Aging Well are applied in front of Lake Lucerne, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Switzerland. With its mud baths, meditative areas and an architectural structure worthy of the lake view, Chenot Palace Weggis awaits you for a few quiet days.

Andronis Concept, Greece

On the opposite side of the coast, at one of the most preferred stops of summer holidays, there is a serenity that will create an alternative to entertaining Greek nights. Saluting the unique blue of the Aegean, this wellness stop in Santorini is a structure that will create an antithesis to the ordinary entertainment life of the island, Andrinis Concept Wellness brings together the most delicious recipes of Aegean cuisine with the most beautiful shade of blue and therapeutic services that will make you feel purified. Here is our recommendation for those who want to experience their wellness journey in a nearby periphery, with the cultural styles they are accustomed to.

Chiva-Som, Hua Hin, Thailand

You need to be quick to step into Chiva-Som, which takes Thailand’s holistic perspective to the next level and was chosen as the best wellness stop of 2022 by Conde Nast Traveler. Because this is a destination where everyone will line up to find inner peace. Aiming to be a stop for its customers to start from scratch and rediscover themselves, the spa resort blends a unique landscape with yoga, pilates studios, aromatherapy massage parlors and gyms that will allow you to experience the Far East culture.

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