Rolls-Royce Collaborates with Hermés for Phantom Oribe

Rolls-Royce has designed Phantom Oribe in collaboration with Hermés for entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa.

Hermés’ iconic horse motif is a symbol of the equestrian heritage that underlies its foundation. The brand’s story started in Krefeld, Germany, then moved to Paris and spread to whole world. Kelly, Constance and Birkin are some of the brand’s most famous designs. Besides, Hermés also has the iconic horse motif that today an inspiration for a bespoke Rolls-Royce automobile. Thus, a new bespoke automobile has been designed from collaboration of Rolls-Royce and Hermés: Phantom Oribe.

Phatom Oribe is a blend of signature sensibilities of both Rolls-Royce and Hermés. The interior design of automobile inspired by an artistic work. The hand painted design evokes Hermés’s iconic horse motifs that created by French artist Pierre Peron. Phantom Oribe created by an intelligent craftsmanship as well as all automobiles of Phantom series. Walnut wood is used in the interior design and speaker frets are seamlessly in harmony with walnut wood.

The unique characteristics of both brand shape the identity of Phantom Oribe. The equestrian heritage of Hermés is reflected in leathers, stitchings, and edge-painting techniques. Rolls-Royce designers combine the Enea Green leather with Hermés’ “Toile H” canvas accents. The exterior of automobile colored with two striking tones: green and cream. These two colors are inspired by tones of antique Japanese Oribe ware, which the owner prominently collects. The colors are also in harmony with interior design of automobile. The lacquer was made available for the Yusaku Maezawa’s private aircraft.

“Phantom Oribe is a fusion of East and West, ancient and modern, serenity and exhilaration. It is always a pleasure when a customer brings us a bold, clear, and imaginative vision. There is a great thrill in seeing it released so perfectly,” said Michael Bryden, Lead Designer, Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective.