Rolex Purchase Bucherer

29 August 2023
Rolex Purchase Bucherer

The biggest news of the year for the watch world came from Rolex. The watch giant company announced that it will buy the most established watch retailer Bucherer.

Rolex has announced that it will purchase Bucherer, the world’s most established retailer, with whom it has been working since 1924. After 100 years of partnership, Rolex will now own Bucherer. Today, Bucherer has more than 100 sales points around the world, and Rolex watches are sold at 53 points of sale and Tudor watches owned by Rolex are sold at 48 points of sale.

After Bucherer Chairman Jörg Bucherer considered selling the company as there was no new Bucherer generation to inherit the company, the idea of buying on the Rolex front was born. In a statement, the watch giant said that with this move, they aim to continue Bucherer’s success and maintain the close partnership ties that have connected both companies since 1924.

Rolex Purchase Bucherer

According to the information received so far, Bucherer will continue to operate under its own name and independently. It is said that after the integration, the relationship with other official retailers in Rolex’s sales network will remain unchanged. Late last year, Bucherer was announced as the official partner of Rolex’s Certified Pre-owned program. In March this year, Rolex announced that it will open three new temporary production facilities by 2025 and new facilities in 2029. The successive steps from Rolex show that the brand focuses on both production and sales and distribution network.

It is a matter of curiosity whether Rolex will put its watches on sale at all Bucherer sales points or what kind of strategy it will follow. With all these moves of the brand, we will wait and see whether the watch waiting lists will come to an end.