Our Most Anticipated Movies at The Cannes Film Festival

6 July 2021
Our Most Anticipated Movies at The Cannes Film Festival

Nowadays Cannes Film Festival is one of the events that excited the whole world as well as Olympic Games and the World Cup. As you remember, we have written an article about the Cannes movies when the festival selection committee announced the film selection at the beginning of the last month. This time, we have gathered the most anticipated films of Cannes, which made its opening ceremony with Annette on June 6th. Let us say that Gaspar Noé is preparing a new party after his last movie, Climax.

Life is a short party that will soon be forgotten.

“Vortex”, Gaspar Noé

Although there is no trailer from the move yet, the first photos have been published recently. The film tells the story of an elderly couple who live the last days of life. The cast includes Françoise Lebrun and Dario Afgento. As you know, Noé has proved that he is a party master with Climax, that’s why, we can expect a new party from Gaspar Noé.

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“Belle”, Mamoru Hosoda

Belle is a highly anticipated animation from Oscar-nominated Japanese director Mamoru Hosada. The animation tells the story of Suzu, a 17-year-old student living a rural village with her father. One day, she enters a digital platform, “U”, in which she is not Suzu anymore, but Belle, a world-famous singer. There, she meets with a mysterious creature who will change her life. Hosada says that Belle is a movie that he always wanted to shoot.  Also, he adds that the movie features deep themes such life and death along with romance, action and suspense. Jim Kim, who is known for Disney movies Frozen and Moan, designed the character designs of this animation. Belle will be screened at Cannes Film Festival on July 15th.

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“The Worst Person in the World”, Joachim Trier

Julie is a young woman in early 30s, her love life not going well because she feels a disenchantment with her longtime serious boyfriend Aksel. This young woman is stuck between his boyfriend’s desire for a child and her family’s expectations, whilst her life change with meeting a young and handsome man, Eivind. The Worst Person in the World promises a melancholy comedy. In addition, it will be latest film of unofficial “Oslo Trilogy” of the director. The director’s behind-the-scenes Instagram photos will a gift for cinema-lovers.

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“In Front of Your Face”, Hong Sangsoo

Sangsoo will premiere a new movie at the Cannes Film Festival after The Woman Who Run, which was premiered at last year’s Berlinale. The movie, which has 85-minute runtime, is about two sisters and a director’s new film project. As you know, Sangsoo’s characters mostly comes from the world of cinema, from a film student to an actor, so it does not surprise us that In Front of Your Face features a director’s story.

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We see each movie as a gift our thirst for cinema throughout the year, and we celebrate the beginning of the Cannes Film Festival with words, “Cinema is a festival!”