New Trend: Eletric Bikes

18 March 2021
New Trend: Eletric Bikes

It has been a long time that electric cars and eco-friendly luxury cars were included in our lives. Now, almost all industry leaders are integrating electric rechargeable models into their collections. Of course, taking advantage of this blessing of technology increases the amount of the budget to be allocated for this consumption.

Thus, eco-friendly and also practical solutions emerge. Like the integration of electric scooters, electric bicycles take an important place in our daily life. Brompton Electric, an electric bike design that will meet your ecological balance, environment, practical solutions and aesthetic values ​​in one go, is one step ahead.

Bu Görsel Boş Bir Alt Niteliğe Sahip; Dosya Adı Brompton-M-Type-Blue-Lacquer-Electric9-1240X827.Jpg

Brompton Electric leads the list of practical solutions with its foldable compared to its alternatives. This feature makes it very convenient for you to carry your bike to your living space and take it out to the street whenever you want. Brompton’s own engine, on the other hand, offers 3 different gears, activates whenever you need electric current, and manages to take your feet off the ground on the slopes in the city, on intense smooth bike paths or whenever you wish.

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