A New Apple Store in Bağdat Caddesi

22 October 2021
A New Apple Store in Bağdat Caddesi

Apple third store in Turkey opened on Bağdat Caddesi.

Apple has opened its third retail location in Istanbul. The opening has been held with an exclusive “Today at Apple” and “Augmented Reality” exhibition. The two-story retail store has been designed as an open and dynamic place where customers can explore Apple’s latest products and services or attend “Today at Apple” workshops.

To celebrate the opening, Apple will launch a six-week project Perspektif Istanbul, which highlights the creative minds of Istanbul and the city. Hosted by 20 artists, the series offers an experience for the local people of the city where culture and technology come together through important issues and values. Participants will get a chance to attend in-person and virtual art workshops where they can learn traditional miniature drawing and illustration with Murat Palta, photographing the invisible with Magnum Photos photographer Sabiha Çimen, and moving portraits with visual artist Sinan Tuncay.

Perspektif Istanbul

By the look of things, the new Apple store has a quite strong artistic side, because the store will also host an augmented reality exhibition specially prepared by creative technologists Tin Nguyen and Ed Cuttinf and Turkish sound artist Oğuz Öner. The digital installation includes many other artists participating in Perspective Istanbul. Also, the appearance of the store is reflected in a different way thanks to several art exhibitions. Another interesting experience offered by the new store is that visitors will get a chance to see ceramic objects consisting of 17 vases inspired by traditional marbling art in augmented reality on their iPad or iPhone screens with LiDAR scanners. Thus, the visitors will go to an art tour while exploring Apple’s latest models. The schedule, which will be held both in-person and virtual, is between October 22 and December 5.

Located on the first floor of the store, the forum area hosts the workshops and includes a large video wall there. The upper floor is designed as an area where customers can closely examine Apple’s products and services. The place can view the outside from the 9-square meter glass cladding façade, thus blurring the boundary inside and outside. With this design, the retail store has a structure that expected from Apple, which blurs the line between technology and reality more and more every passing day in such a time that all boundaries begin to disappear. Local materials such as Aksaray Yaylak granite and Turkish travertine were also used in the design, which bears traces of the Apple Center in California.

As so far as I’m concerned, the most beautiful side of the new store is that it is located in a garden with dense trees. In addition to all these art experience, you can enjoy photographing this space with improved camera of the iPhone 13 Pro.