LEGO Launches a Nostalgic Typewriter Set

15 June 2021
LEGO Launches a Nostalgic Typewriter Set

LEGO brings a nostalgic piece with a typewriter set to our homes.

Do you still have a typewriter in your office? Probably you do not have, however, I have no doubt that many of you like these nostalgic pieces. LEGO announced a new set which will make happy both typewriter and LEGO enthusiasts.

It is always a pleasure to write articles about LEGO for me, for example Pieces Come Together: History of LEGO is another article that I wrote about history of LEGO, but in all honesty, LEGO typewriter set has been the most exciting LEGO model for me. Let us take a closer look at the LEGO typewriter.

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I hope it will bring nostalgia to adult fans like me, and wonder and curiosity to younger fans who might not have ever seen a real typewriter!

Steve Guinness

The model for adult builders was inspired by the idea of a British LEGO fan, Steve Guinness. The brand produced this set to bring wonder and curiosity for those who have never used a real typewriter before. The 2,079-piece typewriter set features a center typewriter bar that rises with each keypress. Moreover, it also features a real roller into which real can be fed. The typewriter model measures over 11 cm high, 27 cm wide and 26 cm deep. The model features a black and red ink spool ribbon which is a new fabric element for LEGO. With its mint green color, the model is reminiscent of a vintage typewriter from the 1950s. Furthermore, every key has a printed character, no stickers required.

The typewriter set is inspired by LEGO founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen’s original typewriter and sounds like a real typewriter. As a bonus, the typewriter model comes with a letter Thomas Kirk Kristiansen in 43 languages.

Federico Begher, vice-president of global marketing at the LEGO Group, explained in the press release: “Here, we have a LEGO set that combines these two worlds seamlessly and like its real-life counterparts, is something LEGO fans will be proud to display in their homes.”

The typewriter goes on sale for members of the brand’s VIP website on June 16 and on general release as of July. This nostalgic LEGO set could be trusty typewriter in your home.

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