Italian Elegance in the Land of Rising Sun

For the Tokyo Olympic Games, the partnership between Edra and Casa Italia is renewed, and an elegant project is signed. Kihinkan-Takanawa Mansion, which is decorated with Edra’s eye-catching designs, houses Italian athletes in Japan.

The Japanese name of the house known as Casa Italia, which is the house of Italian athletes at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, is “The Kihinkan – Takanawa Manor House”. The Art Nouveau-style building is designed as a large Wunderkammer (the room of wonder) combining East and West with Edra designs.

The Casa Italia’s project “Mirabilia / Wonderful Things” refers to the rooms of wonders by bringing together collectors’ works of art and natural objects without any classification.

Located in the Minato district, 10 kilometers from the Olympic Village, the Kihinkan – Takanawa Manor House reflects the typical architecture of the late 19th century European houses. On the ground floor of two-storey building, Edra’s Rose chairs and Getsuen armchairs welcome the guests by celebrating the Japanese art of ikebana and flowers. Created by Japanese designer Masanori Umeda, 30 years ago, the red velvet Rose and Lily armchairs are also a tribute to the land of Rising Sun.

Considered as main motif, the mirrors on the ground floor are used for play of reflections in the space. The Boa sofa and Geutsuen and Essential sofas in the billiard room, invite athletes to relax and meet.

In the restaurant upstairs, there are Gina chairs in special colors that evoke nature, and Gilda B. chairs in blue, transparent, and iridescent texture dedicated to the Italian team.

One of the most interesting aspects of the project is that the façade of the manor house is covered with a 430 m² Bonotto tapestry made of 500 kg of yarn obtained from the recycled plastic bottles. The tapestry in the colors of the Italian flag, makes the Kihinkan-Takanawa Manor House even more fascinating with the gilded weaves in between.